Year 3’s Roman baths afternoon

Year 3 have been learning about the Romans and what they did for entertainment. They experienced what a Roman bath was like.

First children entered the palaestra to exercise. After exercising, they visited the sauna where they used their time to read about the Roman baths and answered questions.  In the massage room they massaged their partner shoulders, drank Ribena(Roman wine) and ate grapes. They dipped their feet in the icy water in the frigidarium. Finally they used the wash room to wash their hands using soap and olive oil to see what they preferred.

Year 3…

What did you learn during Roman baths afternoon?

Do you think you would enjoy Roman entertainment?

Which part of the Roman bath experience was you favourite and why?

What is a hypocaust and why did the Romans use it?


Watch our video and enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Year 3’s Roman baths afternoon

  1. Did you no?Romans washed in wee.They even washed there washing in wee to.
    They built a wall called Hadrians wall to keep the scots and pics away from the britans.They used wooden swords to train Incase they hurt each other but when they went to the real battles they used real swords

  2. Well of course i ENJOYED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 1. I learnt that romans had to do a lot of exercise before baths.Also i have learnt that roman work very hard.
    2. No because it seems a bit boring.
    3. Marching because it seemed so funny :)
    4. It is a ancient rome heating which is in a hallow space in the floor.

  4. Roman afternoon
    1. in miss king group we put our hands in the oil but that was for cooking.
    2. then we dipped it on the soap and that for washing.

  5. Roman Baths:

    1)I know that the roman has built large sauna, that were very steam and hot.
    2)I would enjoy being a roman gladiator, and fight and be the strongest.
    3)Fridgarium is refreshing and keeps you active.
    4)Hypocaust were tunnels that passed hot air around the building to keep it warm.

  6. 1.I have learnt that a sauna is a very hot room.

    2.I really did enjoy the Roman entertainment.

    3.My favourite part was the frigidarium because it was very cold
    4.A Hypocaust are like underground pillars an there is a fire to warm things above it.
    Romans used it to keep warm because they don`t have electronic things.

  7. The one that you put your feet in the cold and icy water and it was really cold and I like it went we were with Miss King you have to put your hands in the oil oil and the soap and then Miss King had to ask her which what did you like I like the soap.

  8. 1: I learnt that Romans had a Sauna.
    2: I think I would enjoy Roman entertaiment.
    3: The part of the bath that I enjoyed was the Fridgeadarium because it was refreshing.

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