Year 3’s Roman day!

As Year 3 have been learning about the Roman this half term, we had a Roman day to celebrate our learning.

The children became mosaic makers, learnt about Roman beliefs and their gods, played Roman games, had gladiator fights and tasted food which was similar to what would have eaten by Romans.

Watch our video to see what we have been up to!


Year 3….

Can you explain how Roman entertainment is different to modern entertainment? Try to suggest a few reasons for these differences!

What is a mosaic? Why did the Romans make mosaics?

Name a Roman god and explain  their importance to the Romans.

What did you think of Roman day? What have you learnt?

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  1. Roman Day:

    The Roman entertainment was different because in modern times we have the Cinemas, play stations, TV, and electronic themes such as iPod, phones and computers. but in roman times they had gladiator duels where two warriors would fight each other in a large stadium.

    An mosaic is a tile pattern that they put on the floors, these tiles had many different patterns and design. Only the rich could have this, they can come in small and large sizes.

    They made them to show off and tell everyone that we are rich and important.

    juno – she’s was named after the month of june, this brought her luck and celebrations.

    I think the roman day was fantastic and fun.

  2. How lucky are you that you have teachers who want you to learn in e citing and creative ways? This looks like you all had a fantastic time. The dressing up was all part of it and everyone who tried look fantastic!

  3. continuing
    Neptune is a god and the king of the sea.When he has bad moods,the waves have rages.I liked Roman Day and I have learnt all about the roman gods

  4. Saturn was the God of time and his three powerful sons are called Jupiter,Pluto and Neptune. Neptune was the God of the sea his feelings effect to the sea so when he is angry the sea CRASH. People calm him down by giving gifts to him at the temple because when he is angry people might be fishing in a boat if the sea crash it will be a dangerous journey for them. Pluto was the God of death whenever one person died Pluto will decide if they go to hell or heaven. If you go to hell it is unpleasant if you go to heaven it is pleasant.

  5. The Roman entertainment is different to are entertainment because they did’t have the same thing like us. We have televisions but they don’t.
    A Mosaic is a thing a Roman uses for the wall or the floor. A person can create a Mosaic.
    Neptune means the sea and water and when he gets angry the sea and water will be dangerous.

  6. 1. It is different because it has blood and fights.Als it was very dangours.
    2. Mosaic is a Roman art. They made mosaic’s to show of there floors and walls.
    3. ⭐️Satrun⭐️

    He was once king of gods. His place was taken by his son Jupiter. Then became God od of seed sowing. His weapon was scyth.
    4. Roman day. Was fantastic I have learnt many things about Romans this is a very interesting topic.

  7. I had fun on Roman day it was so fun.
    I had fun doing the mosaics.
    Neptune is a Roman god
    I think is was really good and fun I liked the food
    it was so amazing.

  8. 1.Roman entertainment they used to fight and in modern days they don’t fight.
    2.A mosaic is a kind of thing that you make a design. Romans made mosaic’s because they thought it would look nice in their houses.
    3.Neptune is the God of sea.
    4.I think about that Roman day it was fun because we did Roman things.
    By Rudaba and Ruqayyah.

  9. A mosaic is like a picture with little cut out bits of paper that sticks on somewhere with plaster.They made mosaics to make houses and structures.

  10. A mosaic is a stature what the Romans used to make
    Mars he was the God of the war he made shor that his team wins
    Even I weren’t here it seems that evyone had a good time

  11. We have football and rugby and Romans have gladiator fighting.
    A mosaic is a very great pattern witch has lines bettween each.
    Satern:God of time

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