Year 4- A day at Hogwarts

Today was World book day so in Year 4 we took at trip to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry!

Well done to everyone for making a fantastic effort with your costumes! Take a look at our class photos!

FullSizeRender (2) IMG_1134

You attended a potions class with Voldermort, Care of magical creatures class with Hermione and took part in a game of Quidditch for the Quidditch cup!

You also researched J.K.Rowling, learned wizardry vocabularry with Professor McGonagall and enjoyed a cup of  delicious Butter beer (Not actual beer!)

Watch our awesome trailer for ‘Year 4’s day at Hogwarts’

What have been the highlights of the day? What have you learnt? Has this inspired you to read more and even write your own stories?


14 thoughts on “Year 4- A day at Hogwarts

  1. It was excellent. I loved it sooooooo much I wished the day woul have lasted longer. 😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥

  2. I agree with Arshdeep and Nithusha thanks for leaving us a message on the blog we all miss you and wished you were there!!😥😥

  3. A day at hogwarts!!!!

    I liked the day at hogwarts. The highlights of the day for me was the quiditch match, the activities and tacling parkin the event. The whole day was really fun I loved it. I have learnt how to play quiditch, making a magic potion and learning the harry potter vocabulary. This has definitely inspired me to read J.K Rowling books such as harry potter also this has inspired me to write stories about the life of harry potter.

    ThankYou Mrs Street, Mr Inman, Miss Ahmed and Mrs Sharma for planning this outstanding day.

  4. I have learnt the Harry Potter vocabulary during the lessons.
    Yes because i have learnt that when j.k Rowling when she was a little girl she used to write and read stories to her little sister and now look what’s happened to her she has became an author of Harry Potter.

  5. It was a fun living hogwarts for a day.♥️♦️♣️♠️🀄️🔺🔷🔶🔹🔸▪️🐑🐓🐁🐕🐾l

  6. Today at Hogwarts School, it has been an amazing day! I have enjoyed taking part in every activity. I have gained a lot from this experience and have learnt that in a game of Quidditch, somebody will have to seek the golden snitch while the others carry on playing. Yes this experience has inspired me, as it has given me a handful of ideas to write my own stories and also to read more Harry Potter books, as I now know more meanings of Harry Potter vocabulary.

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