Year 4 Anglo Saxon Day

Today was a fantastic opportunity for all children to experience a themed day, ‘The life of an Anglo Saxon’

Children had a fantastic day dressing up and taking part in a range of learning tasks which helped them gain a deeper understanding of Saxon life.

Watch the video below showcasing children’s learning from the day.


Year 4 please share a comment about the learning tasks you enjoyed and write a brief paragraph explaining what you have learnt this topic.


Key vocabulary: Anglo Saxon       Scandinavia    Flooded       Farming    Travelled      Villages       Kings     Laws and punishments      Ordeal     Wergild    Kingdoms     Moot     Churls    Thanes


38 thoughts on “Year 4 Anglo Saxon Day

  1. It was so fun it would be great to have another one of those days but a little different i loved making letters imagining what life would be during Anglo Saxons time

  2. All the teachers looked lovely especially miss ahmed she looked amazing .one of the Anglo Saxon laws was that if you kill or hurt someone you either pay wergild to them or their family or pay with body parts every body part has a wergild price .

  3. I had great fun my faviroute part was designing our shields and the maths.I learnt that the Saxons came to England because their home land scandinavia flooded so they couldn’t build crops.

  4. I liked doing the shading and I like eating the bread .
    I liked painting the shield and I like doing the waving .
    I liked doing maths.

  5. Great video showcasing what a creative day we experienced.
    Well done to all the children who made an extra effort to dress up (Thank you parents).

    Some great writing, maths and art work produced during the day, which is showcased in our fantastic classrooms.

  6. my favirite part was making and panting the shields
    all the teacher and teacing atisstant and childern look handsome
    it was a asome day

  7. I really enjoyed Anglo Saxon day. My hilight of the day was when we were doing all of the weaving and when we made and decorated our shields.

  8. I enjoyed Anglo Saxon day. For me the highlight of the day was baking bread and painting shields with all of you. What was your highlight of the day?

  9. I loved anglo saxon day.My favourite part of the day was making the sheilds,everythink else was realy good but making the sheilds was my favourite.My favourite costume was miss ahmed’s all of the teachers costumes were very good they were all very dressed up.They all looked prety and handsome.
    I have learnt a lot about anglo saxons,the saxon kings made the law and the witans who were the kings freinds helped make the law.I had a awsome day.

  10. I loved the Anglo Saxon day my favorite part was when we were making and backing the bread and when we painted our shields wa ate a yummy bread.

  11. I’m so glad you all loved the day…we did too! I thought your letters were fantastic; so vivid! Well done for your fabulous costumes too!

  12. i learnt about Anglo saxons country flooded then
    they went to England because they needed some
    space to grow there crobs and some of them
    helped save England.

  13. ANGLO SAXON DAY WAS AMAZING !!!!!! We got to dress up as Anglo Saxons and do amazing stuff and the bread mmmmmm… so nice.
    I was happy i got to get chosen to make the bread with yeast and water and we got to roll it into a ball and then miss Sharma and Mrs Khan put it into the oven and then at the end some of the students got to take their items they made home and some other students items got to be put in display.

    I hope the next theme would be great like this Anglo Saxon theme.

  14. What can I say? A great day with so many activities. Everyone was working so hard and so well as team. Loved making the bread and it tasted nice. Those of you who made the bread can you remember the ingredients we needed to make the bread?

  15. I liked Anglo Saxon day because we did lots of different activity my favourite part was baking the breads.i have learnt that the saxons came to Britain so that they can grow crops . Also i have learnt that they came to Britain because there home keep getting flooded.

  16. I have had a great day today. Today was the best day of my life,it is a honour,for you to make us do fun things. Thank you to all teachers who have been so generous. You are the best teachers in the whole wide world.
    Thank you to all the teachers

  17. I enjoyed the Anglo saxon day because it was really fun. We learnt some interesting things about them. Some children dressed as kings and soldiers and imitated the anglo saxon way of life. They lived in Scandinavia and travelled to Britain to invade and grow food and crops. As their country always flooded, they settled in England. Some of my classmates made bread and it was so delicious.

  18. Well done to all the children who dressed who and went that extra mile. It was great seeing the range of activities that you participated in. I cannot wait to read your letters. Well done staff!!

  19. I have a wonderful day because there are fun things to do.
    I like to do painting the shield and skeching the Anglo saxon halmet.

  20. I liked Anglo saxon day and my favourte part of the day was
    Making the shields and weaving.Everybody had nice costumes and it was a fantasic day.
    I have learnt that the Anglo saxons lived in Scandinavia and travelled to Britain to have some space to grow their crops and also make farms.If you broke the Anglo saxon law you will have to face ordeal by water were you will have to be tied up and thrown into a pond.if the accused criminal sank they will be seen as innocent but if he floated they will be seen as guilly.

  21. I enjoyed mmmmmm….. I can’t choose everything was so good. Thank you so much for this Anglo Saxon day it was so fun and by the way you all looked so good and that includes the teachers there are lots of different costumes I think the best one of the best teacher were Mis Ahmed had the best costumes but every teacher is still so pretty and handsome. I had a wonderful day.

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