Year 4 Anglo Saxons and Computing

Hi year 4,

This week in computing we have learnt about researching and how to not plagiarise other people’s work.

I was wondering if you could share some research about the Anglo-Saxons without copying. Can you tell me in your own words?

When did the Anglo-Saxons come to Britain?

What was life like before they arrived?

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  1. The fifth century
    Life was bas
    The Anglo saxons invaded Great Britain
    The Anglo Saxon werecame to Britain to steal gold
    The Anglo Saxons were very mad

  2. The Anglo Saxons looked for land and natural resources.
    Their houses were made from wood,straw and metal.
    Families lived in one small hut.
    They had high fences to protect them from wild animals.The chief of the Anglo Saxons had the highest house.

  3. 1. They came to Britain in AD 450 half way through the fifth century.

    2. England was very different long ago before the Anglo—Saxon’s came along. Millions of people lived their lives farming and lots of kings were ruling over different areas of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

    What was England like?

    England was invaded by Roman soldiers for 400 years and they left England 10 years after because their home I Italy was being invaded by tribes.

  4. Anglo saxons left their homes in 450AD.

    Anglo Saxons didn’t like stone houses.

    Anglo Saxons troulsers were made out of wool.

    Women wore under-dresses.

    Anglo Saxons made temples for their gods.

  5. 1.The Anglo-Saxons arrived in Britain in 450AD
    2.There were already people living in Britain before
    the Anglo-Saxons arrived.These were the native Briton
    who remained after the Romans.

  6. The Anglo Saxons came to Britain at 450AD to invade Britain.
    Before the Anglo Saxons were here they didn’t like there old home so they came to search for a new one and that is how they found Britain.

  7. The Anglo Saxons came to Britain at 500AD to invade Britain.
    Before the Anglo Saxons were here they didn’t like there old home so they came to search for a new one and that is how they found Britain.

  8. The Anglo Saxons came to Britain at 500AD to invade Britain.
    Before the Anglo Saxons were here they didn’t like there old home so they came to search for a new one and that is how they foundBritain

  9. 1) In the fith century.

    2) Before the Anglo Saxons came it was Romans but when they left it was very hard for the British people because they were ruled from the Roman people. When they left England was left but themselves in about for hundred years.

    Facts about Anglo Saxons
    1) They came after the Romans.
    2) They are called Anglo Saxons because Anglo and Saxons are big tribes.
    3) They left in the 11th century.
    4) The Anglo Saxons started to settle in Britain.
    5) The Britain’s called the Anglo Saxons to help them because they didn’t know how to fight. These people helped them a lot.

  10. 1. When did the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain?4th century AD
    2.What was like before they arrived? Britain was split into several tribes and they had very good land.

  11. Anglo Saxons were farmer warriors lived in Britain thousands of years ago

    Three tribes came over from Europe called the Angle,Saxon and Jutes

    Anglo Saxons England was early existing from the 5th to the 11th century

    End of 8th century, Anglo Saxons tells of many Viking raids

    Britain wasn’t ruled by one person and the Anglo Saxons they invaded as many different tribes

    From Rifath and Zoya

  12. 1. The Anglo Saxons lived in small villages.
    2. The Anglo Saxons arrived in Britain in the 5th century. was like when the king ruled little kingdom.

  13. Anglo-Saxon facts:
    1.They were immigrants.
    2. They murdered their hosts at a conference.
    3.Britan rallied under a mysterious leader.
    4. Seven different kingdoms were emerged.
    5.A fearsome warrior plundered his neighbours.
    6. An African refugee helped reform English churche’s.
    7.Alfred had a,crippling disability.
    8.The king got buried in 1984.
    By Tahseen and Yibo

  14. Anglo Saxons were made three tribes and came to England.
    The Anglo Saxons started to invade Britain and Romans were still there when it happened.
    The Anglo Saxsons were fierce and loved fighting
    Anglo Saxons were a group of warrior farmers
    By Shivani and Ruby.

    • 2.Egbert was the first Anglo Saxon king to rule England.
      3.For a long time England wasn’t really one country – Anglo Saxon kings ruled lots of the kingdom
      4. The two most famous kings were Alfred the great and canute the great.
      5.The Anglo Saxon period covers about 600 years and kings ruled for 300 years

  15. 10 facts about the Anglo Saxons
    1. The Anglo – Saxons were farmer warriors.
    2. The Anglo Saxons were from the Netherlands,Germany and Norway.
    3. Early Anglo-Saxons villages were named after the leader of their tribe.
    The Anglo Saxons were split into 3 tribes when they arrived called: Jutes,Angles,Saxons.
    4. Anglo-Saxons bated stone houses.
    5. Huge stone buildings replaced wooden structures built by the Anglo Saxons after the Norman invasion.
    6. They left their countries including Germany,Netherlands and Denmark.

  16. The Anglo-Saxons were united by tree tribes. The Anglo-Saxons were united farmer warriors wich lived in Britain 1000 years ago. The Anglo-Saxons loved to make wooden things.the Anglo-Saxons made their clothes out of nauteral materials. The invasion of Britain was in the 4 century.the Anglo-Saxons were

  17. There were three tribes that came from Europe called Angle,Saxon and Jutes.

    Angle and Saxons became Anglo Saxons.

    There was a strong warrior who ruled each tribe.

    In the 4th century the Anglo Saxons tried to invade.

    The Romans left Britain around 450ad.

    The Anglo Saxons built their own villages.

    Wild animals were out there so they built a high fence

  18. 1.The Anglo-Saxons were made of 3 tribes Angles,Saxons and Jutes.
    2. Saxons hate stone houses.
    3.The chief owned the biggest house in the village.
    4.In Anglo-Saxon era Angle Land means Britain.
    5.Anglo-Saxons love to party!

  19. 1. They came around 450AD.

    2. It was very tough for the Britain before the Anglo-Saxon arrived because there were tribes fighting them and no one to protect them and the Roman’s left Britain leaving nothing and they took all there riches and gold.

  20. The Anglo Saxons came to Britain in the 5th century which was 500 years ago.People were already living in Britain before the Anglo Saxons came.

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