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Year 4 Art Gallery and Town Centre trip.

We had a lovely day looking at art in the art gallery and around our town centre. We looked at the old and new cathedrals – what can you tell me about the art work we found there?

We also has a look at St Mary’s gardens who can tell me what is was like? There was a big piece of a Coffa tree, who can remember what this has to do with Coventry?

We saw the statue of Lady Godiva – why does she have the respect of the people of Coventry?

We also noticed lots of elephants placed around the city centre – how do elephants link to Coventry?

We saw amazing pieces of art in the gallery, which was your favourite piece and why?

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8 thoughts on “Year 4 Art Gallery and Town Centre trip.

  1. I saw a painting that had red paint that represents blood people was dead and there was a spooky which.
    I now that the cova tree does with Coventry because the cova tree tund in to Coventry.
    Lady Godiva rid around Coventry naked.
    It links to Coventry because elithents are the strongest animal in the world.
    The spooky painting.

  2. 1)Some art works were big or small.Also some were colourful and some were dull.
    2)St Mary’s garden had stuff people made.One example is the coffee tree.
    3)They used the name coffee tree to make the name Coventry.

  3. The art work we looked at looked very fragile and old.
    The Cofa tree was made my Cris Browne and the word Cofa tree got people an idea of making a city called Coventry.
    People need to show respect to Lady Godiva because she wants no-one to look at her.
    The elephants link to Coventry because the elephant is part of our Shield
    My favourite art piece was when I saw really old computer.

  4. St Mary’s garden was beautiful and pretty.
    The art work that we found there is old but it had details.
    Lady Godiva respected the Coventry people by stopping the tax.

  5. 1. It was interesting.
    2. It looked like yellow stone in a box of glass.
    3. Sorry but I forgot
    4. She went naked on the road so her husband stops making people pay taxes.
    5. The elephant represents strength.
    6. My favorite was the butterfly’s because there are different shades and they looked really real.

  6. The elephants has a link to Coventry because it on the coat of arms.
    People give respect to lady Godiva because she rode nacked in the city to lower the takes.

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