Year 4 Beatboxing Workshop

As part of our learning this week, 4 Blue took part in a beatboxing workshop, learning all about beatboxing and the background of it.

We learnt about the basics and fundamentals and learnt many different skills. We practiced beatboxing, researched into artists and learnt about hip hop tracks, writing down the fundamentals and beats of our chosen tracks.

Please take a moment to watch the video below:

Answer these questions as a blog comment:

  1. Share something you learnt about hip-hop and beatboxing.
  2. Which values and skills did you learn and apply?
  3. Which was your favourite part of the session and your favourite track? Why?

3 thoughts on “Year 4 Beatboxing Workshop

  1. One thing that I learned about beat boxing that the founder was called Doug E. One value that I used is resilience is trying and trying again to get the words right. The favourite part of the lesson was when we learned how to say those words and use it while we were beat boxing

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