Year 4 Blitz night – cooking on rations

Tonight we are experiencing rationing and following a traditional war time recipe to make a tasty treat – carrot cookies. 

What ingredients did you use and how much of each did you use?

What is rationing?

What would it have been like living on rationed food?

34 thoughts on “Year 4 Blitz night – cooking on rations

  1. Rationing is when you only have a certain amount of food.
    It would have been so hungry because you get a certain amount of food and not all the food you want.

  2. The ingredients I have used are sugar, butter, carrots. 1 table spoon and 4 carrots.
    Rationing was declared so that everyone had a little to eat so that everyone ate equal amount of food to last as long as possible.
    I would have been so hungry for food because there would have a little to eat and i need to eat alot to stay healthy and strong.

  3. We used Flour,sugar,dough and carrots 🥕.
    Rationing is when you save some food for some time.
    It would feel terrible and I would be starving for food.

  4. These dough was sticky like glue but I can’t wait to eat carrot cake my favourite snack I can’t wait to have my bednight snack at the end of the learning

  5. We used self raising flour 4 spoons 🥄, 5 teaspoons of carrots and 4 teaspoons of sugar.
    When you get a limmeted amount of food.
    It would have been sad and you’ll be hungry 😋.

  6. 6 full spoons of flour.

    4 full spoons of sugar

    Carrots and butter.

    2. They had a rationing books so they can get food and stamped it and kids had more that adults.

  7. 2 table spoons of sugar

    6 table spoons of flower

    4 table spoons of carrots

    1 table spoons of butter

    3 out of 5

    Good because I like carrot

  8. 1). We used sugar,flour,butter and carrots. The amount we used with sugar was 2 table spoons. The amount of flour we used are 6 tables of flour. The amount of butter we put in was 6 table spoons. The last amount we used was 4 table spoons of carrots.
    2) Rationing is when your only aloud a little bit off that food.
    3) It would of been hard.

  9. 1.We used carrots,butter,6 big spoons of flour and 2 table spoons of sugar.
    2.Rationing is when you have a lot of food.
    3.You would have been realy hungry.

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