Year 4 Blitz night – French knitting

During the war people had to mend and make do with their clothes as times were hard.

Children had a go at French knitting. This was very difficult. They also tried making friendship bracelets to symbolise peace. 

How could you cope with Manding and making do during the war? 

What skills did you use?

23 thoughts on “Year 4 Blitz night – French knitting

  1. It would have been very hard work to keep mending and making do every time my clothes ripped or broken.
    I used knitting skills and learned how to knit.

  2. I’d fell like a old lady looking after my flower pot it’s not a flower pot but it feels like it

    my skills that I learnt was making the number 8 it was quite hard but Keira understood it but well done Keira

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