Year 4 Blitz night, in the shelter!

Oh no the air raid siren went off and we could hear the planes overhead. We had to sensibly make our way to the shelter when all of a sudden the electricity went off!

This happened all the time during the war!

How did you feel in the shelter? 

What do you think it would have been like?

What could you hear?

23 thoughts on “Year 4 Blitz night, in the shelter!

  1. I felt scared because the lights turned of and my friend was howling with fear like:
    Aaaaaaaaaa! Chloe! NOOOOO!
    It would be damp because the shelters were underground.
    I would hear the deafening sound of crying and screaming people. PS: the air raid siren.

  2. Too many people were soo scared and there is no more space to sit it the Anderson shelter it wasn’t that much of a space I’ll see my parent on Saturday morning at 8am I hope they don’t be so late like for example 10am that will be too late to pick me up at the office if that happened in real life then my parents will be charged to be forced to spend money and that is a waste and I don’t want that to happen so I hope they come at 8am

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