We are so proud of the children in year 4 who are taking responsibility for their home learning. Many children are putting lots of effort into their blog responses- it has made it difficult to choose a winner this week!

4 Blue’s STAR BLOGGER this week is………….Noah!

Noah’s work is consistently excellent and Mr Carter and Miss Roberts look forward to reading his work. Every day he comments on all the blogs. His stand out work from this week was the improvements he made to his poem.

I would like to share it with you:

Years ago, there lived a young boy named Drew,
Who was dazzled by the colour blue.
Astonishingly, like a beanstalk, he increased and grew,
Until, as quick as a flash , he soared and flew.

4 White’s STAR BLOGGER this week is ZAID!

Zaid has impressed me with the quality of his work and he consistently gives his best. Zaid continues to challenge himself to further his learning at home. Miss Phillpotts and Mrs Diaz love reading his work- congratulations Zaid!

4 Red’s STAR BLOGGER this week is……. Harroop!

Harroop always completes all of his blog work to the best of his ability. Miss Zaib and Mrs Nahar are very proud- well done!

24 thoughts on “Year 4 BLOGGERS OF THE WEEK!

  1. It is always lovely to see and hear that children are working to the best of their ability. It is just wonderful to see when children go above and beyond.
    You have made me feel extremely proud!

    • Great to see you visiting the blog to support your classmates Absi! You must also complete your blog work please- Maths, English and Art today. I’ll be looking for your answers!

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