Year 4 Bloggers of the Week

This weeks BOTW are:

For 4B this week, Rasan has been chosen because he has listened to advice and has also done a large portion of his work by writing on paper. His mum has then sent it over to me. It is good to see Rasan using skills other than just typing everyday. Well done Rasan, Mr Carter and Miss Roberts are very proud of your attitude.

In 4R it is Laura,  for trying her best to complete work to a high standard. Miss Zaib and Mrs Nahar are very proud of all her hard work over the last few weeks. Keep up the super blogging Laura! I’ll forward you images of her work as dad has sent in loads.


In 4W, Miss Phillpotts and Mrs Diaz are very pleased with the effort Iqra has put into her blog posts daily! She is challenging herself and responding to feedback to further her learning- what a superstar! 


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