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Year 4 Bosworth trip reminder.

Here is a reminder of the original letter that was sent out:

Dear Parents/Carers

The Year 4 children will visit Bosworth Battle Field for the day on Thursday 16th May. Some of the trip cost has been subsidised by the school and therefore the cost of the trip will be only £5.00 per pupil. Please send the correct money to the office (as we are unable to give change) as soon as possible and by the morning of Thursday 11th April at the latest in a named envelope with the class and name of the trip.

If your child currently has a school meal your child will be provided with a packed lunch on the day, so they will not need to bring anything with them. If your child currently has a packed lunch, please send one as normal on the day. Please do not send any fizzy drinks please send the drink in a plastic bottle.

Your child will need to wear their school uniform on the day of the trip. The bus will leave school at 9am and will be back at school by the end of the school day. A reminder will be put up on the blog nearer the time. If you require any further details, please speak to one of the Year 4 Teachers. Yours sincerely

The Year 4 Teachers


WEAR UNIFORM – comfortable shoes are recommended!

If you have SCHOOL LUNCH this will be PROVIDED

PACKED LUNCH children bring their lunch as usual.

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