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  1. The three little pigs: Innocent pigs and a horrible wolf.
    Cinderella:A selfish stepmother and a silver slipper.
    Little red hiding hood:A cute girl and an evil wolf.
    Goldilocks and the three bears: Cheecky girl and angry bears.

  2. The three little pigs – The clever Charlie and the wolf
    Cinderella – The brave kind girl
    Little red riding hood – The nasty wolf and the girl
    Goldilocks and the three bears – Adventure of the Bears

  3. Three little pigs:plotting pigs tell porky pies.
    Cinderella:Owner of shoe is now found.
    Little red riding hood:wild wolf killed.
    Goldilocks:gobbled up hot steamy porridge.

  4. Cinderella
    Shoe lost in frost and found
    Little red ridding hood:big wild wolf gets hunted
    The three little pigs:pigs in peril
    Goldilocks and the three bears:greedy girl eating bears porrige.

  5. Cinderela:glass slipper found on the golden stairs of the sparkley castle.
    Red riding hood:wild wof gets hunted.
    Goldilocks and the three bears:the girl eats the porridge and sleeps after being so lost in the dark woods.

  6. Little red riding hood

    1)Mad woodcutter kills murderer wolf!
    2)Red riding hood scared by big bad wolf!
    3)Terrified gran suffers horrendous death!
    4)Little red riding hood in peril!

  7. Little red riding hood

    Poor gran suffers terrifying death.
    Murder wolf killed in the forest.
    Red riding hood scared to death by wolf.
    By Faheem 😜

  8. 1)The Three Little Pigs:Pigs In Pants On The Dance!
    2)Cinderella:Cinders Curiously Late In The Light!
    3)Little Red Riding Hood:Big Bad Wolf Chases Little Red Riding Hood!
    4)Goldilocks And The Three Bears:Girl With A Curl Caught!

  9. Little red riding hood.

    Fortunate girl unharmed after devestating wolf attempt
    Mad killer wolf dies a chopping death.
    Red gets a stroke of thankful luck
    Courageous killer beats up wolf.

    The three little pigs

    Pigs in peril
    Say mercy on the pigs
    Mighty brick house saves lives
    wolf breath

  10. 1.Three porky pigs flee for their safety
    2.Beautiful glass slipper owner finally found
    3.Red caped youngster strolled through the woods
    4.Gold haired girl caught while sleeping
    1.Big bad wolf gets ready to eat porky pigs
    2.Owner of shimmering glass slipper owns up
    3.Caped youngster ran for her safety
    4.Gold haired vandal caught by the bears
    1.powerful puff puts porky pigs in peril
    2.blonde owner of glass slipper takes ownership

  11. 1)Red caped youngster strolls through the woods
    2)Blond beauty is misplaced.
    3)Three pork chops flee for safety
    4)Princess takes ownership of a glass slipper
    1)Big bad wolf gets ready to eat
    2)Curious child safely slumbers in bear home
    3)Wicked wolfs powerful puff puts pork chops in peril
    4)Peering prince searches glass slipper owner
    1)Red caped girl is visiting her granny
    2)Blonde haired vandal destroys bears home

  12. Cinderella:
    Glass slipper owner found
    Pretty princess lost glass slipper

    The three little pigs:
    Three porkchops escaped death
    Plotting pigs tell porky pies

    Little red riding hood:
    Red caped girl strolls through the wood
    Wicked wolf follows little girl to granny

  13. Little red riding hood
    Crazy killer wolf fails plot!
    Girl gets a stroke of Fontune!
    Brave axe man chops wolf up!
    Girl survives courageous killer Wolf!

    Three little pigs
    Panicking pigs in peril
    Wolf has no mercy!
    Pigs suffer horrible
    Pigs left homeless after attack

    wolf gets to wake up and find his stomach filled with STONES
    A girl put in terror
    Girls trip to nanny is a disaster
    Nanny meets horrific death
    A trip to nanny becomes terrortastic

  15. Cinderella
    Pretty princess lost glass shoe
    Glass slipper owner found

    The three little pigs
    Pink Pigs are fleed to safety
    Three pigs escape before death
    Wicked wolf brings pork chops home

    Little red riding hood
    Red caped youngster strolled through the Forrest
    Wolf follows little girl to granny
    Wicked wolf

    Golden haired vandal caught
    Homeless kid eats porridge

  16. Little red riding hood
    Mad woodcutter kills murder wolf!
    Wolf suffers horrible death.🤕
    Horrifying wolf’s ambush fails against young girl.
    Big evil wolf sobs in sadness.
    Woodcutter chases wolf!

    Three little pigs

    Pigs in peril

  17. 1.Cinderella

    Beautiful owner of the glass shoe found
    Pretty Prince and cinder dance on dance floor together
    Beautiful blue dress lady is found owner of shoe

    2.Little red riding hood

    Red caped girl strolled through the wood
    wondering wolf decided what to do next.
    Little lonely girl picked berries for grandmother

    3.The three little pigs

    Pink Piggies sat on bridge for safety.
    Wolf crept creply behind tree.
    Wicked wolf got ready for dinner.

    4.Goldilocks and the three bears

    Beauty blonde hair girl misplaced.
    Baby bear sobbed because of blonde girl.
    Three bears were distracted from all the mess

  18. Three little pigs
    Wicked Wolf found eating an innocent grandma

    Goldilocks and the three bears
    Greedy girl found eating a bears porridge

    Little red riding hood
    Little girl spotted in red riding hood

  19. Headlines for the three little pigs are…
    Puff…a house is blown

    Headlines for goldilocks are…
    Goldilocks found in terrifying fear by three mysterious bears

    Headlines for Red Riding Hood are…
    A wolf tricked a little girl without notice

    Headlines for Minions are…
    Little minis are creeping to the moon.

  20. 3 little pigs pigs in peril.
    Little red riding hood wolf tricks red riding hood.
    Goldy locks and the 3 bear girl frightendly found in little bears bed.
    Cinderella shiny shoe lost and found.

  21. Cinderella- Glass slipper found on the shiny stairs of of colossal castle.
    Red riding hood- Big bad wolf killed with shiny axe
    Goldilocks and three bears- Manic girl eats porridge and sleeps after being lost in the woods.

  22. Cinderella: Shoe lost in frost and found
    Red riding hood: Wild wolf get hunted.
    Three little pigs : pigs in peril.
    Goldilocks: Greedy girl gobbles up porridge.

  23. Cinderela:shoe lost in frost and found
    Red riding hood:wild wolf gets hunted.
    Three little pigs:pigs eatin figs then houses blown down
    Goldilocks:greedy girl gobbles up porridge.

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