Year 4 English Homework Week 3

Hi Year 4,

As we have been learning about stories from other cultures, we have been reading the story of Aladdin. We have been learning about adjectival phrases, similes, preposition phrases and a range of cultural vocabulary.

For your homework this week, you need to write your own version of Aladdin using all of the skills that you have learnt in your English lessons.


56 thoughts on “Year 4 English Homework Week 3

  1. Long ago in a sandy/warm plac called agrabah and there lived a boy called scruffy Aladdin.He lived with his pet monkey he would even steal food from the busy crowded supermarket because he was poor and a street rat.Aladdin really wished that he was a prince.A a castle there was a sultan and he said to his daughter that before her next birthday she has to be married but she didn’t want to get married.when it was night time she plans to escape so she did.The next morning the girl jasmine was exploring around .Then hafar the bad guy tells his guards to capture jasmine so hafar sends them of then when they found her they were going to capture her suddenly Aladdin came to save her. Then he got captured.

  2. Then out came a mysterous blue Geeine came out and introduced himself and told him that he had three wishes abdul said that he will become a king and marry this beatiful princes and want to be rich and not a street rat in the dungeons or living on the streets and he asked the Geenie what he wanted and he said that he wanted be free and abdul said deal.along came khan and took the magic cup and wasted all his wishes and abdul came and save the princes and asked to marry him and he sad that if she will marry abdul and then abdul made khan be a slave and then they all lived happily ever after

  3. In the precious palce there lived a beatiful girl named jasmine .she had a dad called sultan and he said that she had to get married befor her birthday and that was in three days so she ran away and stole an apple all at a sudden she heard 2 noises one of the men were defeating jasmine and the other noise was abdul to the rescue but then khans guards came to arest abdul and took him to tne dungeons abu had a key to save abdul then a young man too him to the tiger’s cave and told him to get the secret magic lamp.

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