Year 4: Evaluating our investigation.

1. How did we ensure the investigation was a fair test?

2. What was our controlled variable?

3. What was our independent variable?

4.How did you present your data? Was this effective, how else could you have done this?

5.What did your results show?

6. Did anything impact the reliability of your investigation?


  1. 1. We made sure the test was fair by keeping the same person making the noise same person using the cups as headphones and same person measuring the distance.

    2. We kept the same person making noise and the same person listening with the cup filled with the material on your ears.

    3. We changed the material and the distance of meters.

    4. We presented our data with a bar chart, the bar chart was effective by making sure we didn’t forget if it was muffled,clear and not clear.

    5. Our results show that everything was clear.

    6. We could use different materials next time.

    – Aamir and Jay

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