Year 4 – Festival Art

Year 4 have been recreating their own versions of festival art.

Watch the video to see how well they did.


Why are neon colours used in festival art?

What happens during the Godiva Festival in Coventry?

Can you research any other world festivals and describe them.



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  1. 1.Neon colours are used to make the background glow.
    2.People sing and show their talents.
    3.The burning man they burn this big statue.In India they do Holi and you have to get some kind of powder and throw it at people.

  2. 1) Neon colours are used because n the dark, the colour stand out.

    2)In the Godiva festival, there are bands.

    3) The other festivals are:
    -Kutztown folk festival
    – Aloha festivals

  3. 1. The neon colours are used to glow and all the light neon colours have to blend in the dark.
    2. Sing or do a lot of other cool stuff on stage.
    3. At the Godiva festival they use a lot of neon colours and the same as different festivals around the world they try to make it cool so it’s like a festival.

  4. Neon colours are used at the festival art because they usually do the shows at night so at night it’s all dark so they use bright neon colours.
    During the Godiva festival, you get to go on rides and listen to music.

  5. 1. The neon colours are use to decorate the back round and to glow things in the back round
    2.It happens that they go on a stage and they sing or the magic and dance and other cool things in India I think they use somethink like flower but in different colours and they threw it up and then some people go on the stage and sing and a lot of people goes crazy