91 thoughts on “**Year 4 ‘Football’ Maths – Home Learning**

    • Excellent and accurate work as I’ve come to expect off you Surinder! Well done!

      GD challenge: What’s the score going to be on Sunday?!

    • Well done for watching the video Abdulasiis! I think you’ve assumed that the game would start at 3. It started at 8pm! But some good answers all the same.

    • Fantastic work Joni! Well done. On question 5, you have made a tiny error and got the hour wrong. 24 minutes past 8 would still be in the first half!

    • Super learning Osato. You have answered the questions really well. With 5 and 6 you have forgotten to add the 15 minutes for half time.

      Gustavo Hamer needs capital letters for both names. In my opinion, his whole name should be spelled with capitals as he is so ace (unless he leaves Coventry)!!


      Thank you and well done!

    • Well! It looks like a good effort however you have only take a picture of half of your answers. Well done for watching the video and please upload a picture of all of your work!

    • OK. The video is playing smoothly here. I would suggest moving closer to the wireless rooter or plugging and ethernet cable into your device from the router if you can.

    • I can’t see the independent answers so I’m not sure that you’ve understood it. Please watch the video to the end and then answer the questions.

    • Good try Arafath! Which skills have you used to calculate your answers?
      As a challenge, you could use reasoning to explain your answers further.

    • Well done for showing how you have calculated your answers Jasmine.
      This is a good effort.
      Which skills did you use? How have you made progress overall?

    • Excellent Samik! This is a lovely piece of work and very nicely presented too.
      Which skills have you used? How have you made progress this week in Maths?

    • Ismaeel, please do not share answers on the blog.
      Can you upload your work to the sharepoint instead. This should be completed in your homework book. Thank you!

    • Apart from your work being upside down, this is a good effort Umar.
      Can you share the skills you have used in Maths this week and how they have allowed you to make progress.

    • Moosa, this is a good effort. Make sure you use a ruler when underlining your date and title please.
      To improve further, show your calculations and explain using reasoning.

    • Good work Faizan. As a challenge, include reasoning to explain your answers further.
      Also, please use a ruler in future for neatest presentation.Thank you!

    • Sara, I am struggling to read your work as you have chosen to use what looks like orange pencil crayon?
      Thank you for having a go at this task. Can you share which skills you have used today?

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