Year 4 Fresh Start

Well done to everyone for working so hard to improve their reading and writing . I have attached some text for you to read and answer some questions on. Please remember to write your answers in full sentences, as well as using the correct punctuation. I look forward to reading your answers.

Mrs Jones

  1. Why did Bill Bright go to Florida?  1
  2. How did he feel when he saw his bright green bag go past on the truck?   2
  3. What did Bill do on the flight?   3  4
  4. Why do you think he chatted to the man next to him?   3  4
  5. Why did Bill not check the address on the bag?   5
  6. What did Bill feel when the jet landed?   5
  7. What did Bill see in the green bag when he put it on his bed?  6
  8. How would you feel if this happened to you?

3 thoughts on “Year 4 Fresh Start

  1. He didn’t put the address on the bag because there was no need to put it on .Bill fells a bit of a dump once he hits of .
    Ther was high heels ,tops and a pink frilly nihtdress with tights.i would fell weirded out because who would not put there adress on there bag or luggage .

  2. Bill went to Florida because he wanted to go on a fishing trips.
    He stated to grin when he left his green bag in the
    Bill had a drink and a snack at the back of the cabin and watched a bond film.

  3. Bill went to Florida because he wanted to go on a fishing trip .
    He started to grin because he left his bag on the bus .
    Bill had a drink and a snack in the cabins watched a Bond film .
    Bill and the chap next to him was talking about fishing .

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