Year 4 – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Year 4 have extended their learning this week by learning the names of the body parts.

They had fun and learnt the Spanish version of; Head, shoulders, knees and toes! Have a look at their performances and vote for the best one!




I would also like you to list all the parts of the body and the face in Spanish on this blog to see how much you have remembered.

14 thoughts on “Year 4 – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

  1. The face in Spanish The body parts in Spanish
    La cabeza – face El stomago – stomach
    Los ojos – eyes El pie- foot
    el pelo – hair la rodilla – knees
    La nariz – nose hombro – shoulders
    La boca – mouth la dedos – fingers and toes
    La orejas – ears
    Los dietens – teeth

    This is all I know but there is some more ,and I love Spanish .

  2. Well done everybody! Make sure that when you write the Spanish name of the body part also write the English translation as then I can check which ones you know and remember.

  3. Cabeza – head
    Orejas – ears
    Ojos – eyes
    Nariz – nose
    Pelo – hair
    Bocca – mouth
    Dientes – teeth
    Pie – feet
    Hombro – shoulder
    Dedos – toes and fingers
    Estomago – stomach

  4. Hair= el pelo
    Eyes = los ojos
    Nose = la naris
    Ears = los orejas
    Mouth = la boca
    Teeth = los dientez
    Fut = el pie
    Those are all the parts in Spanish but there are some more that are missing

  5. Hair=el pelo
    eyes=los ojos
    teeth=los dientes
    mouth=la boca
    nose=la nariz
    ears=los orejas
    Body parts in Spanish:
    el pie,dedos,estomago,el brazo,la mano,rodilla. Thats all i can remember.

  6. La cabeza .Hair-el pelo. Eyes-los ojos. Nose-la naris. Ears-las orejas. Mouth-la boca. Teeth- los dientes.
    Body parts in Spanish:
    La mano,la rodilla,el pie,el cuello,el estomago,el brazo and la pierna.

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