Year 4-Historical setting description homework

Today you all created exquisite setting descriptions, really capturing a historic war scene.
Now is your chance to develop your writing skills by writing a setting description for the image you created below.
Your description must include all the writers tricks you have been learning at school such as, adverbial phrases, time connectives, prepositions, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, synonyms, figurative language, extended complex sentences and a range of vocabulary which will capture your reader’s interest.


Word bank:

Sentence openers: In the distance,  Outside the window, All around,  Surrounding the house, Slowly, Deadly, Up above, Between the dull clouds, Suddenly

Historic vocabulary: sirens, building, rubble, explosion, blast, flames, civilians, nightmare, horror, search lights, enemy bombers, drones

Interesting vocabulary: screeching, flickering, spying, flashing, searching, hunting, darting,
targeting, soaring, burned, smoldering, scorching, glowing arms, enormous torch, fierce, dangerous, horrific,  deadly, innocent, smoky, charcoal, pitch-black, deafening



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  1. Tonight was Anna’s worst nightmare.She and Paul were sleeping in the front room when suddenly…BOOOOM!!!!😱😱😱😱 There was a loud bang,it woke Anna and her terrified little brother Paul,who was extremely scared.They crept towards the window and gasped as they saw…To be continued

  2. really through the air,I could see drones coming towards Paul and Anna and they were feeling anxious.When they heard the siren,they were covering their ears.

  3. Outside the window was Anna worst nightmare in the distance ,the drones raced towards the city. The sky was filled with darkness and the glumness were drifting. Surounding the house were metallic drones .All of a sudden the once dull sky illuminated into red molten larva .The metallic drones spat fire at the land beneath .The larva popped out of the ground when bombs shook the city.

  4. Out side the window the matalic drones were spitting bombs above the houses,the
    people were screeching and running as fast as they could to there shelters.

  5. When the citizens all went in the airade shelter everybody was panicked and everybody heard the terrible noises of the terrifying noise . And Adolf hitler is all relaxed.

  6. Outside the window, all I could see was bombs dropping from every were.people were screaming “HELP! HELP!” I though I know what’s happening to them but what is going to happen to me.😟

  7. Outside the window,the dull sky was suddenly painted with flamboyant oranges reds and yellows.Gradully coming closer and closer,metallic drones made whirring sound which alarmed the bright sky.Row by row ,the houses blew up like the bombs soared int the annihilated city people paced to the Anderson shelter.

  8. In the distance , the bright charcoal sky was suddenly painted with the colours red, orange and yellow. Also the flames flickered like flying fireworks in the sky. Up in the sky, the metallic drones threw lots of bombs on to Coventry. Also the civilian’s clean beautiful houses as well as all the civilians didn’t have any where else to live in. Within a blink of an eye, the metallic flying drones stated to throw more bombs onto Coventry. Also the metallic drones spitted more as well as more.

  9. In the distance,between the dull clouds mettalic drones apeared through the dark clouds as darkness struck the air. As the drones spited at the land beneath the once dull sky illuminated into red molten lava. During the air raid, flickering flames spreaded across the land as the drones fired at the land. Then the mettelic war plane gradually came near,near and near.

    English homework

  10. Above the villagers houses ,was the one charcoal sky which suddenly lit into
    Burning hot red flames.In the ghastly air was horrific metallic drones emerged towards the poor villages houses.bright search lights flickered through the night sky.Villagers painted there windows dark black that blended in to the night while the metallic drones rapidly soared to the thousand flames while poor villager ran to the shelter.

  11. In the blackout drones were soaring through the are spitting fiery bombs.You can hear the flames flicker you can also hear people shrieking to the Anderson shelter, the sirens we’re wailing telling people to go to the shelt.This was Ana’s worst nightmare that came true

  12. In the distance,I can see houses been blown up into a thousand scorching flames. Between the dull clouds are metallic drones flying and dropping heavy bombs at the speed of lightning.The charcoal sky was as dark as night throughout the day. The shelters were dark green and were as disappointing as you could ever imagine but they felt a small sense of relif that they were safe at last from the dreadful war that was going on all around.During the blackout,the people disguised themself to make it harder for the enemy to see the prey.

  13. In the distance, was fire as hot as molten lava burning coventrys rich and wonderful land.High in the air was evil German air raids spitting out powerful bombs to kill us and make us poor.But we were fighting back we thought we could take them on and battle them.instead the soldiers gave up because to many soldiers were being killed.

  14. As Anna peeped outside the window she was terrified. She could see a dark sky filled with chaos.The sirens were spying on the enemy.The lights were flickering as the planes were soaring in the sky like a bird.There was nothing left but rubble and the civilians were then poor.

  15. Today Anna’s worst nightmare came true.She can see bombs shattering down on the land below as the the drones came … Closer and … Closer.The once charcoal sky,suddenly faided away with oranges,reds and yellow appearing.In the distance,Anna could see civilians running in fear and horror whilst trying to get to safety.Outside the window,there was search lights everywhere trying to look for the innocent people.Surrounding the houses,flames appeared by the bombs.While the metallic drones were flying,Bombs were leaving only bit of shrapnel but her little brother came in,who was named Paul.

  16. English homework
    outside the window, was anna’s worst nightmare. Before she peeped through the window she heard a…BANG BOOM CRASH
    She trough the dull window she saw drones throwing bomb in the peace countryside. She knew something was going on… .

  17. Anna had the worst nightmare in the distance, could hear screeching sirens, loud plane soaring through the sky.
    Spitting bombs down, making fire and lots of rubble in the buildings.So Anna cover all the windows in black cloth and turned the light off. While Paul was a sleep, he did not hear a thing of what happened that night.

  18. During the night,Anna and Paul knew that a terrible war was coming soon.
    They were realy terrified so they slept in the front of the room and suddenly,the explosions woke Anna and her little brother who was Paul.
    So when they slept in the front of the room the suddenly,woke up and they didn’t know what to do so, when the air raids went on they knew it was safe to go outside but when they heard it the second time they all started to get together and run as fast as possible to the strong,safe shelter.
    Suddenly Paul stopped and ran back to his house to get his photo frame of his dad because he wanted to remember his dad because his dad was in the war and he thought his dad would be dead by now.

  19. Soaring through the sky, enemy bombers were spitting bombs on a little village full of villages. Between the dull clouds, the fierce fire was flickering like fireworks as the poor people were pushing each other to go to the Anderson shelter. Up above the houses the firey sky was full of oranges and red colours soaring through the dull clouds.

  20. Outside the window, was Anna and Paul’s worst nightmare, in fact it was everyone’s worst nightmare. All they could see was metalic drones soaring through the air. The once charcoal sky was illuminated with yellow,orange, red and grey colours. Furiously the search lights scanned the sky in search of aeroplanes to shoot them. They looked like big torches in the night sky, a screeching sirens were heard in the distance.

  21. In the distance, were metallic drones emerging from the charcoal sky.Anna witnessed the enemy planes spitting fire bombs .The once charcoal sky suddenly turned into yellowy red sky.The flames flickered like fireworks.The fire oozed from behind the burning houses.The houses melted like candle wax .The searchlights spied on the enemy planes like tigers ready to pounce on its prey.

  22. At first, I could see a dark,black sky but suddenly it changed into a fiery red, yellow and orange colour, which flickered like fireworks. All of a sudden I saw drones coming my way, as I gazed out of the window I was feeling hesitating. BOOM… A bomb exploded write on top of the houses like lava exploding from a volcano. Trembling in fear, I stood as still as a statue thinking will it be me next?

  23. Anna’s worst nightmare came true,outside the window in the bright sky with yellows, oranges and reds.suddently the sky changed in to bright yellow and the matalic air drones raced towards the city.In the distance it was deadly when the dangerous drones spitted bombs all over the house onto the streets and on the cars.On the houses fire flickered and melted the houses the villagers ran fastly in their shealter.In the floor lava popped out when when the drones threw bombs onto the land.

  24. Anna peeked outside the window and what was around her,in the sky was her worst nightmare!She saw what was the black charcoal sky but when she looked now it was a mix of fiery colors which were red,yellow and orange and could not believe what she saw.In the distance,she saw aeroplanes zooming like a male lion, dying to catch his prey.Anna saw dancing flames spread like a deadly disease.All of sudden,the air siren had gone of and Anna thought she was def.The search light turned on,in hope to find what was lurking in the misty sky.


  25. Anna’s worse nightmare came true. Anna and Paul gazed out the window they could see metallic drones spitting fire balls on people’s houses. After the next
    After the next. Rubble lying on the floor like sleepy tiger. The firce fire was waving it’s hand at the enemy bombs.

  26. As Anna peaked through the window, she witnessed her worst nightmare she ever had!In the distance, Enemy Bombers threw bombs on the roads of Coventry.People dashed to the shelters to defend themselves from harm.The once charcoal sky suddenly changed into red, orange and fiery colours.All of a sudden, the Siren wailed, while the search lights searched the sky, in hope to find the enemy.

  27. Elsa your first sentence does not make sense, please correct it.
    Also use the historic vocabulary we have been learning, drones not aeroplanes.

  28. Schorching hot lava poured down the village.[Talking about the top]
    In the distance there was a plane flying across.
    Search lights ran as fast as it could to look for it’s enemy.
    Dangerous bombs falling down like fresh berries falling from branches.
    Bright yellow shone like lightning in the charcol sky.

  29. As Anna looked out of the window it was her worstes nightmare ever she couldn’t believe what was happening.She and John ran to the air raid shelter so the air drones couldn’t get them. They started to get worried about dad because he had to fight in the war. Dad had really got hurt so he went back to her s family with his two children so their okay. When Anna and John saw dad they got happy. All of a sudden their lovely home was destroyed by the air drone.

    • Good try Nabeel, you’ve wrote a narrative story, your homework task was to write a setting description. Please use the skills we have been learning that past two weeks to write a description.

  30. Anna suddenly saw her brother not join what’s going on she came to the windows they saw flashes of light and fire nearly
    On evry house.Their mum came barging in to get them safely to the shelter.Once they were in the shelter they waited and waited.

    • Abir good try but have you used a range of the vocabulary provided to you above? Please write this again focusing on describing what could be seen out of the window. (The picture above)

  31. English homework

    At first I could see the dark, misty black skies full with German drones zooming across. When suddenly, the once charcoal sky turned in to fierce, flickering reds and orangey fires dancing on the dangerous , deadly skys. Surrounding the houses were the tragic bombs and the growing fires. The villagers ran sadly to get to their shelters, which were more safer than their houses.
    The two siblings, who were named Anna and Paul were sleeping quietly. When suddenly… Paul could here the loud noises which were coming from the German drones, which were dropping deadly bombs.
    “Anna cold yor hear that?” asked Paul trembling with fear. Anna replied “what cold yor hear?”
    “I cold hear the dangerous,frightening german droles and by the way sorry for waking you up” Announced Paul
    “Yeah I can here the drones” whispered Anna…

  32. Today Anna’s worts nightmare came true.she can see her friends house has bombed by the metallic enemy drones. The flames danced around while the drones were dodging them.she could smell ash and smoke.In the distance, she saw rubble cracked window,flames and dead people.She could hear explosion, drones soaring and guns fires and houses were exploded then the next. Then the next…

  33. On spur of moment Anna’s worst nightmare which suddenly came true!She pepped out of the window and saw…Drones spitted bomb and exploding high in the sky leaving it illuminated into fiery reds and oranges,leaving the sky with stripes like a zebra.The bombs came rapidly done to the civilian’s houses and exploded like a volcano,which made the civilians and their family horrified.Rubble bounced like a tiger getting ready to eat it’s prey.Suddenly the bright search light came down the the civilian’s houses and destroy their houses and them!

    • Good try please re-write this with the correct tense and spellings.
      “In the spur of the moment” can not be used to start this description, I will speak to you about this once we are back at school.

  34. On spur of moment Anna’s worst nightmare which suddenly came true!She pepped out of the window and saw…Drones spitted bomb and exploding high in the sky leaving it illuminated into fiery reds and oranges,leaving the sky with stripes like a zebra.The bombs came rapidly done to the civilian’s houses and exploded like a volcano,which made the civilans and their family horrified.Rubble bounced like a tiger getting ready to eat it’s prey.Suddenly the bright search light came down the the civilan’s houses and destroy their houses and them

  35. Outside the window,was Anna’s worst nightmare which had all of a sudden come true.She looked out of the window and high above there was dancing planes and explosions and the sky was illuminated with the fiery reds oranges and yellows,leaving fierce streaks of colour across the sky. There were bombs which dropped down into civilians homes that bursted into flames and frightened the family’s.The people could see search lights which were coming from the dancing planes and those bright search lights were looking for the people who’s homes were destroyed with burning flames.

  36. Outside the window, was Anna’s worst nightmare deep metallic black drones danced in the charcoal sky as the civilians houses melted down like candlwax.
    Up above, the sky illuminated into a a flamboyant reds oranges and yellow. Surrounding the houses, flames flickered… And flickered… And flickered until there was a pile of rubble trickling down onto the hard deep road. In the distance, she could hear the Owls hooting… And hooting… And hooting which turned into a deep black fierce drones emerging from the delicate white fluffy clouds. The bombers tried to target the houses but everything was pitch black Anna trembled in fear as she froze as still as a statue in front of the half cracked window.

    • Really good attempt of writing a description, some lovely figurative language. We will discuss the correct use of ellipses in upcoming lessons.

  37. 16/1/16

    Anna had the worst nightmare in the distance, could hear screeching sirens loud plane soaring through the sky spitting bombs down and making fire and lots of rubble in the buildings so Anna cover all the windows in black cloth and turned the light off while Paul was a sleep he did not hear a thing of what happened that night and explosion and nous broke.

    I done my homework

  38. Between the dull clouds,Anna and Paul could see the pitch-black bombs surrounding the air.The sirens were screeching in the far distance that could pierce your ears.The aeroplanes were soaring through Britain.Drones were spitting bombs at the civilian houses.The damp,dense,thick grounds were smothered with the toxic charcoal.The sky was painted with red,yellow and orange.People ran to the air raid shelter for safety.It was the start of World war 2.


  39. Early that night metallic war planes where dropping bombs on to civilians innocent houses when the bombs dropped the fire from the bombs danced through the city like ballerinas but the war planes soared through the charcoal sky the really bright lights lit the city although it is the black out suddenly the bombs fell like meteiors on the black bracket.

  40. In the distance, Anna and Paul could hear something in the distance but it was very familiar every was a war!!! Poor Anna and Paul they got so Terrifyed they hid under thier beds. People hid in their shelters so did Anna and Paul but it took time.They evoeded the bombs suddenly,Anna went in side the house so did Paul to get Anna she picked up a photo frame then they went back In the shlelter…

    By lybaghafoor

    • Lyba good try but your task was to write a setting description, this is more of a narrative. Please try again to use the language above to write a setting description.

      *Felt so terrified

  41. Outside the window was Anna and Pauls worst nightmare wich had all of a sudden came true. Anna looked out of the window she could see…high ubove,the mattallic dronnes poared down and
    hit the ground wich had blew into flames.Between the dull cloudes,deadly gas poisoned the charcoal sky.Surrounding the houses,civillians dodging the flickering flames on the narrow street.

  42. In the distance enemy bombers soaring through the city.the once Charcoal sky was painted with red, orange and yellow . Drones were spiting bombs at civilian houses were destroy down to the gound.deafening sound of the serin of the fire engins sounded across the city. Spying on the terrblie enemy bombers.the seirn light was like a bulb

  43. Today night was Anna ‘s worst nightmare,In the distance ,Anna could hear a screeching siren as loud as could be and aeroplanes soaring though Britain.Outside the window,were explosions and the sky was covered in red ,yellow and orange.Huge torches were high up in the sky so instead the aeroplanes dogged it .

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