*Year 4 Home Learning – Reading Lesson*

Morning Year 4, today you are going to complete a reading task on LBQ. Follow the QR code and answer all questions. The questions you don’t answer write onto the blog.


  1. I have completed the lbq.
    I prefer to read fiction books because I like to read the story and feel like I am part of it.
    My favourite animal from ‘The Amazon Rainforest’ is a jaguar because it is a beautiful animal and I have researched about them and found out some interesting information about them.

    • Brilliant! Well done Kaila!
      What kind of effect does the non-fiction text have on you as a reader?
      Can you share some interesting facts about the jaguar?

  2. I have completed LBQ.

    1) I love to read non-fiction books, I enjoy learning about things and the history and science of everything.

    2) I read about the howler monkey last week and I think that is still very interesting.

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