Year 4 Homework Autumn 2 Week 2

Here is this week’s homework. Don’t forget it must be finished by Wednesday morning. Complete a minimum of two pieces and if you have any problems, let your teacher know on Monday morning.


This week, you need to complete your BH reading challenge. Here’s the link. Enjoy!


Hi Year 4. Your Maths homework this week is to consolidate your learning on measuring length. Use a tape measure or ruler. Choose 6 items to measure the length of in centimetres. Then convert this into Millimetres. Remember 1cm=10mm.

Wow work

Draw and label an Anglo-Saxon Warrior.
Complete in your homework book or on paper.


  1. Maths
    Phone= 16 centimetres =160m
    Book= 22 centimetres =220m
    Table= 45 centimetres 450m
    Sofa=131 centimetres =1310m
    Door handle = 17 centimetres=170m
    Pillow=39 centimetres =390m

  2. English

    I have done the reading challenge.


    Scissor is 129 mm
    Teddy is 132 mm
    Laptop screen 211 mm
    laptop keyboard 230 mm
    Woolly hat 311 mm
    Hair brush 230

  3. Size 5 shoe : 28.5cm/285mms
    Xbox bottle : 23cm/230mm
    Door handle : 9.5cm/950mms
    Girls backpack : 36cm/360mms
    Size 2 shoe : 24cm/240mm
    Hair brush : 22.3cm/223mm
    Plug socket : 25cm/250mm

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