Here is this week’s homework. Don’t forget it must be finished by Wednesday morning. Complete a minimum of two pieces and if you have any problems, let your teacher know on Monday morning.


This week, you need to complete your BH reading challenge. Here’s the link. Enjoy!


Hi Year 4. Your Maths homework this week is to consolidate your learning on measuring length. Use a tape measure or ruler. Choose 6 items to measure the length of in centimetres. Then convert this into Millimetres. Remember 1cm=10mm.

Wow work

Draw and label an Anglo-Saxon Warrior.
Complete in your homework book or on paper.

58 responses to “Year 4 Homework Autumn 2 Week 2”

  1. Ammara K.

    I have completed the reading challenge

  2. Ammara K.


  3. Aarav R.

    Bottle is 28 cm =280mm
    Book 30 cm = 300mm
    Pen 14.5 cm = 145mm
    A4 sheet = 300mm
    Short towel 26cm = 260mm
    Hat 24cm = 240mm

  4. Bakary C.

    Maths Homework
    1. TV: 180cm = 1800mm
    2. Printer: 45cm = 450mm
    3. My Wardrobe width: 76cm = 760mm
    5. Sofa (2 seater): 155cm = 1550mm
    6. Fireplace (Height): 97cm = 970mm

  5. Hasbia D.

    I shave completed the Reading Challenge.
    Pen 15.2cm,152mm
    Pencil 13.8cm,138mm
    White board 27.5cm, 275mm
    Book 29.6cm, 296mm
    Bag 31.5cm, 315cm
    Pencil case 22.1cm, 221mm

  6. Romeesa T.

    I did myou English home work and wow homework

  7. Ibrahim M.

    Fish tank – 150cm = 1500mm
    Coffee table – 100cm = 1000mm
    Living room mirror – 158cm = 1580mm
    Microwave – 45cm = 450mm
    Family circle box – 23cm = 230mm
    Kitchen radiator – 110cm = 1100mm

  8. Ameen K.

    I finished my reading challenge

    Playing cards 8 cm= 80 mm
    Phone 16 cm=160 mm
    Light switch 8 cm=80mm
    Pencil case 17 cm=170mm
    School bag 22 cm =220mm

  9. Karanbir B.

    I did wow I will bring in Monday also practice spelling ◉‿◉

  10. Yaseen E.

    I have done the reading challenge.
    Pencil ; 11cm.130mm
    Table; 18cm/500mm
    iPad; 30cm/300mm
    Bag ; 40cm.400mm

  11. Abdulahi D.

    shoe: 25.5=255milimeters
    mirror: 17.6=176millimetrs
    pen:10cm=100 milimeters
    rubber:5cm=50 milimeters

  12. Tipian I.

    I have competed the wow homework and I will bring it into school .
    Maths homework:
    Pencil:14cm and 1400 mm
    Vaseline : 8 cm and 800 mm
    Note book : 14 cm and 1400 men
    Crayon : 9 cam and 900 mm
    Lip gloss : 4.3 cm and 430 mm
    Cream : 8 cm and 800 mm

  13. Yedullah S.

    iPad: 25 cm (250mm)
    Box: 37 cm (370mm)
    Light Switch: 8.5 cm (85mm)
    Water Bottle: 25 cm (250mm)
    Pencil: 16.5 cm (165mm)
    Pencil Case: 22.5 cm (225mm)

  14. Adam J.

    TV 38cm = 380mm
    computer 38cm = 360mm
    chair 86cm = 860mm
    rug 170cm = 1700mm
    cushion 53cm = 530mm
    bag 37cm = 370mm

  15. Meharunisa A.

    iPad= 25cm= 250mm
    Sofa= 125cm =1250mm
    Computer table= 122cm=1220mm
    Book= 14cm =140mm
    Tea Tray= 37cm=370mm

  16. Ibraheem S.

    Phone= 16 centimetres =160m
    Book= 22 centimetres =220m
    Table= 45 centimetres 450m
    Sofa=131 centimetres =1310m
    Door handle = 17 centimetres=170m
    Pillow=39 centimetres =390m

  17. Ghazala H.

    I am bona do my girls caption and my homework you forgot to give are homework book Mrs latham

  18. Najma O.

    book\ 30 mm cm 3.0
    iPad \ 60 mm cm 6.0
    ruler\ 30 mm cm 3.0
    charger \50 mm cm 5.0

  19. Umar S.


    I have done the reading challenge.


    Scissor is 129 mm
    Teddy is 132 mm
    Laptop screen 211 mm
    laptop keyboard 230 mm
    Woolly hat 311 mm
    Hair brush 230

  20. Haroon K.

    I have completed Reading Challenge Bronze.

  21. Estera V.

    Maths homework
    Ruler : 15cm.150cm
    Bottle : 60cm.600mm
    Pencil : 14cm.140mm
    T-shirt : 60cm.600mm
    Bag : 50cm.500mm
    Brush : 14cm.140mm

  22. Haroon K.

    I have done maths and literacy homework on paper. Week 2.

  23. Abdul Y.

    Size 5 shoe : 28.5cm/285mms
    Xbox bottle : 23cm/230mm
    Door handle : 9.5cm/950mms
    Girls backpack : 36cm/360mms
    Size 2 shoe : 24cm/240mm
    Hair brush : 22.3cm/223mm
    Plug socket : 25cm/250mm

  24. Karanbir B.

    Tablet 24.2cm
    Marker 13.7Cm
    Tape 12.2cm
    Book 24.0cm

  25. Elyas A.

    I did my math on my homework book and I did reading challenge on the blog.

  26. Sarah A.

    Maths homework
    Ruler : 40cm.400mm
    Bottle : 60cm.600mm
    Pencil : 14cm.140mm
    T-shirt : 60cm.600mm
    Bag : 50cm.500mm
    Brush : 13cm.130mm

  27. Tyson T.

    I did wow and english

  28. Hudayifah A.

    My tablet is 15.8cm
    I did reading challenge

  29. Hanfaa N.

    I have completed my reading challenge and I have done my Maths homework in my homework book thank you 😇

  30. Kamil N.

    Ruler: 30cm/300mm
    Pencil: 14cm/140mm
    Table: 60cm/600mm
    Lightbulb: 10cm/100mm
    Teddy: 20cm/200mm
    iPad: 24cm/240mm

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