This weekend, we would like you to prepare for transition to year 5!

To help you with this, here are some activities you could be doing, you can pick 2 or more:

  • Create a leaflet for the Year 3s, to show them what life is like in Year 4.
  • Create a This Is Me poster to show to your new teacher.
  • Write an explanation text for getting ready for school.
  • Create a piece of art to demonstrate the emotions someone might feel when they move classes.
  • Create a map of your journey to school, marking out the key locations and street names. (Please bring this into school, don’t post this on the blog.)
  • Talk about your journey in Broad Heath so far using the Michael Rosen Rap as inspiration.
    • When I was in nursery…
    • When I was in reception…
    • When I was in Year 1…

38 responses to “Year 4 Homework Week 5”

  1. Hudayifah A.

    When I was in Nursery,I started school,
    When I was in Reception,I swam in a pool.
    When I was in Year 1,I started getting thinner,
    When I was in Year 2,I liked being a swimmer.
    When I was in Year 3,I was very mad,
    When I was in Year 4,I left very sad.

    Advise for year 3’s:
    When I moved to year 4 I was quite nervous but after a while I started to feel better, and now I liked year 4 so much that I’m actually more sad to leave than any other class! So don’t be nervous and scared, everything will be alright!

  2. Adam J.

    1. When i was in reception life was good
    2. When I was in year 1 i knew mite is good
    3.When I was in year 2 gold striked
    4. When I was in year 3 I found a troll
    5. When I was in year 4 I knew might is light

  3. Raiyan K.

    In the morning I wake up and get dressed then I wash my face and have some breakfast then I leave with my Aunty at 8 : 30

    When I was in Nursery, I was good
    When I was in Year 1 , I made a flood of blood
    When I was in Year 2 , I had lot’s of fun
    When I was in Year 3 , I became a hot bun
    When I was in Year 4 , I had a lot done

  4. Muhammad R.

    When I was in year 1 I got sad
    When I was in year 2 I got mad
    When I was in year 3 i baked chocolate cake
    When I was in year 5 I had a back ache

    I start by waking up at 7:00 the i take a shower between 7:00 and 7:20 then I get ready for school and go breakfast club

    1. Mohammed S.

      From my experience I predict that a year three would feel scared and nervous for the year ahead.

  5. Maddox B.

    7:15 i wake up and get out of my bed then make my bed.
    7:20 i wash my face and go downstairs
    7:25 i say goodmorning to everyone
    7:30 i choose what i would like for my breakfast
    7:45 i brush my teeth and get dressed
    8:00 i make sure my bag is ready
    8:05 i sit and watch tv
    8:25 my mum does my hair
    8:30 i put on my shoes and we leave for school

  6. Karanbir B.

    When I get up i strech then i brush my teeth then run down then i get my breakfast after i change then if i have extra time i look at the blog and go to school.
    I will bring my this is me poster and my art

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