Year 4 : Identifying litter at Swanswell Park.

Today, Year 4 identified the different types of litter at Swanswell Park. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to see first hand how litter impacts the community that we live in.

What types of litter did you see?

How does the litter impact our community?

39 thoughts on “Year 4 : Identifying litter at Swanswell Park.

  1. 1.Plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, glass bottles.

    2.It impacts on our community, by throwing litter in the lake and not picking it up.

  2. We saw lots of litter like plastic bottles
    Crisp packets
    Plastic bags

    The litter impacts our community because if we throw litter it could infect the animals

  3. I saw plastic bags,pieces of glass ,crisp packet,plastic bottles and sweet rappers.

    It impacts on our community,by leaving litter on our streets and it becomes messy. Also near lakes and canals the litter can be dangerous for swans,birds and pigeons because they can accidentally swallow or eat it and then can choke on it.

  4. I saw all sorts,glass shards,plastic bottles,stubs,cigarrette boxes,plastic bottles and only one plastic bag.

    This could’ve killed the geese and swans.

  5. We saw plastic bottles,sweet wrappers,plastic bags and glass🥛🍼

    It impacts our community by killing wild life.🐕🐈🐅🦍🐆

  6. I saw some plastic bottles , crisp packets , sweet packets and glass bottles but we didn’t find any other.

    So if we throw any plastic item in the ocean it will harm the fish like for example it will make them suffocate make them choke and make them stuck.

  7. 1. Plastic bottles, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, plastic bags, glass and other.
    2. It impacts our community because when a litter is dropped, the wind blows it to the rivers, and the river leads to the ocean and sea creatures are dying because of the litters and plastic.

  8. 1.I saw plastic bottles,plastic bags,crisp packets and sweet wrappers.
    2.The litter impacts our community because if fish eat the litter they die and then there would not be tuna to eat.

  9. 1.The litter that we sore was plastic bottles , plastic bags and sweet packets .
    2.This could impact our community by people throwing plastic everywhere instead of putting it in our bin because the animals would die in the ocean

  10. I saw plastic bags,sweet wrappers,plastic bottles,glass and others.
    It impacts our community because animals are dying because of plastic and choking so we need to be careful of what we do to our world 🌍.

  11. We seen plastic bottles
    Litter impacts our community because we are learning that animal’s keep dying because we keep throwing plastic into the sea’s.

  12. Me and my paren so a lot of plastic bottles and a lot of plastic bags so we found out that there not a lot of sweet.
    It impac that it kills fishes and sea creatures.

  13. What types of litter did you see?
    We saw plastic bottles,plastic bags,sweet wrappers and glass.

    How does litter impact our community?
    Plastic is killing wildlife.

  14. 1.We seen plastic bottles,crisp packets,sweet wrappers,plastic bags,glass and loads more.
    2.It impacts our cumumitty because it kills wildlife and it can ruin the eco system.

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