*Year 4 – Maths – 23.02.21*

The video underneath here with Mr Inman in it is for these children only.

4 Red: Inaaya, Murad and Naimol

4 Blue: Meher, Bilal and Shuqran

4 White: Asim, Taha, Abraham, Sara, Khairy, Abdul and Emma

To order and compare amounts of money

Today we will continue looking at money, you will use your place value knowledge to help order and compare different amounts of money. Take a look at the videos and send your work to the upload point.



Order these amounts from the smallest value to the largest value.



129 thoughts on “*Year 4 – Maths – 23.02.21*

  1. Bronze
    Does £7.35 ( 8.52 which on is it
    £ 3.24 ( 4.67
    £9.81 ) £7.65
    £6.36 = £.36 same
    sorry miss that I said l do it in my homework book.

    • Great work Manvi I like that you have converted the money to £ and pence before comparing and ordering them – you have only done bronze please go back and try silver and gold as you are very capable.

    • Super work Sumayyah! You have worked really hard and got all your questions correct . Please make sure you < and > signs are nice and clear next time.

    • A good try Shaikh, I can see you have watched the video as you have converted the money into pounds and pence. I like that you have attempted the silver challenge.

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