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    • My word Tahiyan! What and excellent piece of work… I love the fact that you’ve imposed the clock images onto your paper! Good explanation for gold, that would get full marks.

    • I love the presentation and standard of work.

      You were ‘tricked’ a bit on Bronze as you have identified 12:24am as being later than the rest. It is in fact the earliest time as when it’s morning, that 12 is actually a 0 (midnight).

    • Great work and presentation Osato.

      On Gold, you have identified the ‘closest’ but think you needed to mention that Ron had got there ‘before’ that train left (departed).

    • I love the clock pictures! Well done Lillie. On gold , it could have been either of the cities that you identified but you needed to also explain that Ron had arrived just before the times.

    • Well done Afreen! Please make sure your clocks are accurate to make them clearer to read. How would you show 3.30pm in a digital 24hr clock?