Year 4 Mexican Day

We have had a wonderful day in year 4 celebrating the day of the dead, researching Aztecs and Mayans. We have made our own salsa and tried it. We have learnt Mexican dances as well as using the VR headsets. We also designed our own sombreros! 

What has been the best bit of the day?

What have you learnt?

13 thoughts on “Year 4 Mexican Day

  1. In my opinion, I experienced more than one highlight as overall the whole day was very fun as it was different! One of my most memorable moments had to be when we all got together and danced. It was really funny to see Mrs Khan dance with my friend Rehaan because they looked silly while dancing. Also I find it funny how their names rhyme and I was chanting it. “Mrs Khan dancing with Rehaan Khan”.

    Firstly I learnt that Las Dias de Muertos means the Day of the Dead. Secondly I also learnt the history of the Aztecs and the entertainment they had back then.

    All in all, I really enjoyed Mexican day at school as it was very different and I loved how everyone got involved!

  2. My favourite bit was when we got to use the V R headsets . It was so fun that we could see anywhere in Mexico. I also enjoyed when we made mexican skull masks and it was on display as well or we could take it home . But my most favourite was the salsa it was so delicious but not and spicy at the same time .
    This is the best day ever !!!!

  3. I loved Mexican day it was really fun ! The facts were very captivating,I also liked it when we tasted the salsa . I wish we have another day like this !

  4. The best bit was when we used the amazing VR headsets. I have learnt that the Spanish conquered the Aztec in the 1500s and the Spanish defeated them and also got their huge, remarkable land .

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