Year 4 – Phonics Follow Up Task

Hello Year 4! Only children in Mrs Sanders’ and Miss Bhangu’s phonics groups need to complete this task.

Thank you to the children who attended the phonics session! All children MUST attend the weekly session and complete the follow up blog the next day.

Please upload your work here!

Starter: Watch the videos below to recap the ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ sound and then complete the task below.

Please complete the task below in your homework books and upload a photo of your work to the upload point at the top of the blog.

Add the correct diagraph to the word. Sound the word out before writing the answer in your books. For example: 1. Chair

Challenge: Can you write the words in a sentence?

Main Task

Click the link below and read the RWI book Red Ned. Read this as we would in school, start by practising the sounds and read every page. Then answer the question at the back of the book, I will also post these below.

Red Ned (

Answer the following questions in your homework book and upload a photo to the share point link at the top of this page.

What does Dad make Ned out of? (pages 6-7)

What three things does Dad say to Ned can do? (pages 9-10)

Why does Dad tell Ned to stop? (pages 9-10)

What do you think is happening in the shed? (page 14)

Why so you think dad builds Ned again?

Would you like a robot to help you tidy up? Why?

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    • Well done for completing task 1 Moosa! I will look into the problem with the book.
      Write a sentence which includes the ‘sh’ diagraph and a conjunction.

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