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  1. golden roasted turkey
    lays on a immense table right
    under your nose.
    As you inhale the sweet smell of mince
    pies laying right under a christmas
    tree eating them crunch after crunch
    knowing why santa loves them so much.

    Dasher and Rudolph leading
    santa making sure he sends
    every good boy and good girl
    the presents that they deserve.

    As you hear the sweet
    sound of carrollers
    at your doorstep

  2. Everyone is jolly,
    Everyone is happy,
    We call this Christmas,
    And it’s time to have fun.

    Christmas trees are as spiky as a raccoon’s tail,
    The Christmas present stood around like a queen’s guard
    Snowman are as happy as a clown
    Snowflakes falling like tears

  3. Hishaam’s Poem
    Snowflakes confetti the sky,
    Snowflakes falling like a fluffy cloud .
    You can see everything that is white,
    Christmas is here.

    You can feel the twirling swirling wind,
    The crunchy snow feels like a packet of crisps on the ground.
    The snow feels icey cold,
    Christmas has arrived.

    The food smells like birthday party foods.
    Turkey cooking,coffee and Hot Chocolate making,
    Christmas is here.

    The taste of the food is lovely as a watermelon,
    at night there is Turkey,mince pie,Chocolate milk and carrots for Santa and Rudolph.

  4. Santa is coming to town

    The Christmas lights were as bright as day.

    The frost nibbled at your nose.
    Christmas is here.

    Presents sitting around your Christmas trees Santa is coming to your house

    Snowflakes confetti the sky,
    Powerdry snow covers the ground.

    Santa is coming


  5. King of ice and snow ,
    covers the kingdom.
    The Christmas tree stood like a guard ,
    Winter is here .

    Snowflakes confetti ,
    falling from the sky .
    Hear the howling whistling wind ,
    Winter is here .

    The frost nibbled on your,
    nose the wind howled like.
    A packet of wolves,
    Winter is here.

    Hear frost everywhere,
    the wind growled.
    The wind growled like a packet of wolves,
    Winter is here

    Hasan and Aaron

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