Year 4 PSHE Home Learning – 08.07.21

Good Morning Year 4!
For today’s PSHE lesson, I would like you to do the following:

Please start by writing today’s date and title in your homework books, neatly written and underlined neatly with a ruler.

Once you have completed today’s learning, I would like you to upload your work to the sharepoint first, then leave a comment on the blog. This helps your Year 4 teachers to find your work and then be able to mark it, giving you feedback. Thank you!

PSHE Upload work

52 thoughts on “Year 4 PSHE Home Learning – 08.07.21

    • Hi Kai,
      A good effort, well done! Maybe use a ruler to help get your handwriting in a straight line, so that presentation is neat as can be.

  1. Mrs Sanders has edited your comment. Please complete work in your homework book.

    Well done Amanah! You have offered some great advice to the year 3’s.

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