Year 4 PSHE Home Learning – 24.06.21

Good morning Year 4! Hope you are all safe and well. Welcome to our second PSHE lesson during home learning.
Well done for those of you who completed last week’s PSHE work.

Today, we will be learning about celebrating the achievement of others in our class.
To begin with, please write today’s date and title in your homework books, with neatest handwriting and underlined neatly with a ruler. Remember… presentation is key!

As a starter, have a think about what it means to be proud of something.
Can you name a time you were most proud of an achievement in your life? How did it make you feel?

For the Bronze task, you may choose anyone from our year group. Give two examples or ways they have achieved this year in Year 4.

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39 thoughts on “Year 4 PSHE Home Learning – 24.06.21

  1. i did succed in my group for the like wizard of oz

    Task 2
    Shazaib has done good football everday he tryes his best and l look at him
    Simin is a good swimmer she goes so fast

  2. Task 1
    I have succeeded in a group when it was wizard of Oz.
    Also in PE
    Task 2
    Rubinio because he has achieved being great in sports.
    He has achieved making more friends.
    Zak D
    Zak D because he made progress in his swimming
    I have achieved speaking about rich and poor people on the bosworth trip

  3. Starter:
    Being proud means to be delighted with yourself.
    I have achieved having my pen licence, being an online safety monitor and librarian.
    Task 1:
    I have succeeded as a team with my to friends Aatifa and Fatimah when we were doing the P.E in health week on workout Wednesday.
    Task 2:
    Saee has achieved school councillor with Zaeem. This might not happen to me or anyone else.
    Since year 4 started, she has achieved being really kind and caring.


    Nihit has achieved getting all his times tables a blue sticker on the chart which is really impressive. Also, he has improved his handwriting over the months.

    On the battle of Bosworth trip, I was Lord Stanley.
    My army/team was:

  4. proud means feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction i sucseded when we went to bosworth and worked as a team when we recalled the battel of ther roses.

  5. Starter
    It means having strong self and being happy and to have success and to think positive. An achievement is I won a s tiv a cut from the library but I did not get it in 2020 because of coronavirus it was yearly.
    Task 1
    Some examples wizard of oz day, wellbeing day, when we make posters.
    She has achieved too award in 2 weeks the citvcut.
    She has achieved a something from the prize box
    Inaya has improved on her catching.

  6. Starter:
    1.’To be Proud of someone’ means who ‘owns’ the achievement(Our pride is generally an achievement).A Macquarie Dictionary definition of ‘proud’ is: ‘feeling pleasure or satisfaction over something conceived as highly honourable or creditable to oneself’.
    . He has achieved by getting a pen in his handwriting because he has improved his handwriting.
    . He achieved a school counsellor badge because he’s a good helper.
    Bilal has achieved to get better at his times tables.
    I have achieved success by as a team and celebrated it with my class when i learnt how to make strawberry cookies. They were really delicious and i tried them at home as well.

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