British Values

Year 4 put on their own festival

This week we learnt about the city of culture and the events our city hosts.

We found out about the Godiva festival at the War Memorial Park and we decided to host our own BH festival. We created art work, auditioned talent and best of all we got to perform or form part of the crowd. We all played a massive part. As part of a democracy each class voted for their favourite acts to perform.

Please see the highlights of our event.

8 thoughts on “Year 4 put on their own festival

  1. Well done to the people that tried and done their best.
    Well done to the people that got in the contest.
    The people that didn’t got in still means that thay like to performin the contest.

  2. Well done Callum,falikou,Armaan.
    Jacob,Morsle group.
    And all the teachers.

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