Reading Challenge

Year 4 Reading Challenge.

This term we have been reading and learning about fantasy stories. We have looked into the settings: what the worlds are like and how they are different to our own. We also looked at characters: why are they different to characters we would find in the real world.

Your challenge for Summer 1 is to creatively apply the skills you have been learning to describing a scene and writing a story.

You only need to choose one picture to focus on.

Bronze Challenge: Pick a picture and describe the setting using lots of adjectives, figurative language, adverbs and fronted adverbials.

Silver Challenge: Pick a picture and add a character to the setting. Make sure the character matches the setting.

Gold Challenge: Pick a picture and build a story around it. We want to see a clear start, middle and end. Make sure you describe the setting and the character. Build a dilemma/problem for the character to solve. Then have the character resolve the dilemma/problem.

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  1. GOLD:

    The Quest To Earn The Stunning Castle

    Once upon a time there was a place like Heaven. The sun always shone and it never had dark, thundery clouds. There was always a rainbow, even if it didn’t rain so often! There, stood a palace and the beaming sun was making the beautiful manufacture look pink. Further down the Paradise, a peaceful, never-ending river lay down, letting luxurious, royal pet swans, swim there and from. The blossom trees on the bank of the stream were just fluffy, bright pink candyfloss!
    If there is a palace, there must be a King or Queen, right? Well, technically, there isn’t. You see, nobody actually lives here. However, the palace doesn’t have cobwebs or anything like that. Basically, the ordinary people have just discovered the place. The first one to go to the divine place and makes their own throne can become the Queen or King.
    A clever little chap named Alison bought herself a private jet and a private pilot! She’s only 10 though! It’s very rare to have a young Queen. Anyways, we don’t know if she’s going to come there first. Well, she already got her friend’s mum to make her a throne with her name on it! The throne has shining, glamourous, sparkling diamonds on the top. The hot pink leather on it was so smooth and probably really comfortable to sit on.
    She left it in the shop to get the finishing touches on and Alison said she’d collect it before she’d go on the quest to become Queen(hopefully). As she was embarking the jet at 6:00pm she remembered that she forgot her throne at the shop! Alison told her pilot to wait and she ran to the shop. Luckily, it was near to where her jet was taking off-the hospital helipad. As soon as she got there the owner drove away for an end of a day’s work. Alison knew just where to go, her friends house. She rang the doorbell and her friend’s mum answered. “Why hello Alison” She said politely.
    “Hi” replied the girl. “I forgot my throne at the shop. Can you please let me get it?”
    “I would but I don’t have the key. If you want to get in you’d have to go to the manger. Her address is CV9 4HO.”
    “Thank you. I’ll go right now.”
    “You do that then. Bye” said her friend’s mother.
    Alison rushed to that postcode. Luckily it was near by and the owner was still awake! DING DONG! went the doorbell.
    “IT’S OPEN!” shouted a voice from inside.
    The girl opened the door slowly. “Hello are you owner and manager of the chair shop in town?”
    “Indeed I am. Now what do you want? “replied the woman. She had a large belly, a pair of large ears, large, round lips, large, beady eyes, large hands with large fingers and large, bulky legs.
    “The makers of the chair shop made a chair fit for a queen and it had Alison written on it. That’s my chair and I forgot to collect it. Would you be so kind and please quickly let me get it?”
    “NO!” she bellowed.
    “Please” pleaded the 10-year-old
    “Give me 1 good reason on why I should!”
    “You see I’m in this competition to become Queen…….”
    “You, become Queen? Pathetic!” she laughed wickedly.
    “It’s a contest. Anyone can enter if they are between 10 to 50 years old” explained Alison.
    “No! Wait till morning, like everybody else!”
    The girl thought quickly for a something to say. She really felt like shouting but she knew that would get her nowhere. Alison thought hard. Finally, she came up with something. “If you let me get throne, you can be one of the members of the Royal Council when I become queen.”
    “Will I get fancy clothes?” asked the owner.
    “Yes” replied the girl.
    “Okay, you can have your chair. But I’m only doing it for the fancy dresses.”
    They both went to the shop. The woman opened the door, switched on the lights and let Alison inside. She picked up the heavy chair and slowly brought it to the door, struggling. The manager switched off the lights and locked the doors. The boss kindly helped the 10-year-old pick up the thrown. Together they picked it up and brought it to the jet. They peacefully sat down as the driver took off. They went past France, Switz and Italy to arrive to the unknown land.
    “WOW!” cried Alison, “It’s gorgeous!”
    “Yeah” agreed the owner. “Oh, and by the way, my name’s Valerie.”
    “And mine’s Alison” she said.
    “Let’s put that thrown in place before anyone else does.”
    They both ran with Valerie holding the chair above her head. As soon as they arrived at the throne room Alison and Valerie both said “Phew! No other chair.”
    Valerie placed the chair down and said “All hail Queen Alison!”
    Alison giggled and proposed to Valerie to come with her and explore the lush light pink castle with fancy blue wall paper. As they walked down the hallway to the next room Valerie asked Alison what she was going to name the land.
    “Ummmmm………. Luxuria” replied Alison.
    But that was just the beginning.

  2. Bronze (picture 1)
    Dark and orange with firery floors and a abandoned house
    In the dark and lonely house is a chair which has been there for many years and is all teared up and broken. Someone may of died here, who knows? But whatevers in there i hope it wont bite!

  3. Bronze
    Deep in the dark forest, where nobody goes stood a lonely hunted house. The only visible light was an eerie orange glow comeing from the Windows. The only living creatures where the rats that stood guard.

  4. Bronze Challenge(pic 3):
    The colourful,welcoming castle stood proudly in the gaudy garden.In the sapphire clear water swam beautiful cloud white swans.Above the charming,bright castle stood a multi coloured rainbow.The colourful trees have gaudy hair.Every direction you faced you can see rainbow flowers.

  5. Bronze:(pic 3)
    The castle came with a large rainbow that smiled at her.A giant cherry tree that tilted to one side.

    A clear,crisp,blue lake with two swans on it separates two bits of land.Multi-coloured bushes gather at the front of the castle, also leaving some scattered around. The multi coloured bushes may hold a new species of bug like a flunanuna or a flabberbabber.

    Little fairies prance about playing games and flying about.

  6. Bronze
    Once upon a time there lived a big enormous house that had all cracks around the house and the kitchen had spiders as big as a mice and and the kitchen had rotten milk all over the cabinets in the hunted house.
    Even there lived a wicked witch she had nails as sharp as a knife and pimples as big as ants she has a very pointed sharp scary nose you see her beedy black eyes and staring and looking at the terrifying spiders and her hair was as dark as the night .
    Once upon a time in this hunted house lived a beautiful girl who lived with her mum and dad lived like a happy family when all of a sudden her mums hair was falling out so much she went to the doctors and found out she has cancer the family was very sad and terrified the beautiful girl didn’t know when her mum came home with a hat and she took her hat off and relised her mum was bold she asked her mum why she didn’t have any hair and told her little girl she has cancer then she got treated by the doctor and got better as a family they supported her and made her better and lived happily ever after.

  7. “Eww why why did I move here I know I’m a bit (a LOT) gothic but puss and blood on the floor yuck I gotta clean this filthy place up right after I go puke 🤮 .” Moaned Sasha snarling in disgust

    “Ugh guess it’s time to have a look at my room hope it’s not as dirty as the other room yuck why oh why did daddy move me here ”said Sasha wiping her puke with sleeve .
    As she walked up the stairs and headed to her room she saw a ghost like thing and yep you guessed it was the Lady in black Sasha fell a cold shiver dace down her spine as the Lady in black passed through gazing at some sort of device .Suddenly there was a booming knock at the door.And then a sudden screech and then someone yelled “Nooooooooo he’s here please you monster you cannot trap me in a jar”screamed the unknown screamer.
    “Ok that’s freaked me out “ muttered Sasha “I hate daddy for moving me hear” “better go answer the door”

    “Hello I’ve detected a ghost in you’re um house and it’s one of the most famous hard to get ghost now move”cried the hunter baraging past Sasha

    “Er excuse me idiot what’s you’re name “replied Sasha a ungratefully
    “First of all don’t call me and idiot and 2nd of all my name is chris I’ve found a ghost 👻 “
    In a blink of an eye the ghost was gone sucked into a jar.
    “Freak” said sasha
    “Oh no I’m sorry but there’s a killer doll in you’re house one reason I know is because the doll is moving and holding weapons and my machine still detectes it .All of a sudden Chris walked smashed and ruined the doll sucked the spirit and then they all lived happily ever after

  8. Bronze:Through the ghostly woods lay a house engulfed in autumn 🍂,leaves.It has a crooked roof and there’s always blood red lights glistening out infecting the forest with its scarlet red light.Implausibly a previous person lived there then he disappeared some say his spirit or spirits haunt there.

    Well now someone new has moved in and in this description I’m telling you about 4 characters
    2)The lady in black
    3)Rosie a doll
    4)a hunter
    Sasha is a 29 year old she has natural red ,flowing ,wavy shiny hair. It sparkles like a ruby in the sun 🌞.One of her most magical features is her ,her ,her eyes👁 they have a hint of grey green blue they were so captivating ,enchanting to.Sasha had fair white skin that was as soft as a baby’s skin ,although she was enchanting she was simply spoilt.
    The lady in black was the ghost of the place she was the 1st ever owner of the sinister house .She was outraged they sold her house it was because of a doll but I’ll tell you about that later.Anywayas you can guess by the name she was in black completely she wore a silk black gown ,with shimmering sparkly gloves that were black with silver jewels sewn on , she had black hair the only thing that wasn’t black was her eyes her eyes were azul blue.

    Rosie was a doll she was haunted /possessed but this was becaus of everyone who had lived in the house they treated the doll like poop 💩.Yep that made her angry 😡 so she got her revenge ☠️the psychotic doll had scared them so they ran away but unfortunately they were eaten by wolves.Ok so back to the point she had brown silky hair she wore a floral Victorian dress . Rosie had green eyes probably full of envy.

    There’s not much to say about him but you know he had causal blond hair with casual brown eyes and causal old clothes with mysterious stains .Not to mention but he always carried jars with him and whilst this happened I heard a jar say something but anyway onto the story.lets go this way👇🏻

    Sasha just moved in to this DUMP just wanted to make it clear that it was a DUMP eww it was filled withe litter such as
    .crusty tacos
    .mouldy cheese
    .fungus filled 🌯
    .and a hundred year old bag of crisps 🤢 do I need to buy a no littering sight for this place .To be continued……

  9. Bronze:

    The dark,daring house has more spiders than ever before! it has a minuscule, roof and a chimney that puffs out all the smoke. It has a mysterious door that leads to the blank trees that waves to the terrifying owners of the eerie house…


    A man and a woman who eat cockroaches for dinner live in the spooky home. They trick little children and eat there little brains. None of there family ever go to see them because their scared that they might be for dinner…


    A long, long time ago, far far away, a little boy started to run around in the woods.He was very exited because he was about to turn 17 years old. On his birthday, he got everything he wanted! A car, books and even a house!

    One day, his parents thought it would be a good idea to pop around and say hello. They were waiting at the traffic lights, like nothing would go wrong!But, a car lost control and smashed onto the boys parents car. The boys name was Jasper.Sadly, his parents had been rushed to hospital and passed away. Jasper was dejected, so he thought he could get married so he could get his mind of the tragedy that had just happened. He got married and menacing and destructive woman called Charlotte.

    A year after they got married, on the day Jasper’s parents died, they set up a campfire, to remember. The fire was boiling and suddenly a tree got caught on fire! They ran as fast as they could but all the trees had been cut down. But, they were ok and their house was still in good living shape!

    At the end, they lived happily ever after.

    The end.

  10. Gold;

    Once a upon time there was a ordianry girl and her name is Lola, that has blonde hair, purple skirt and pink glamerss sparkling top.Lola started to pack there things in her pink suitcase and she is obessed with pink.After , they got in the car and drove of to the docks to go on a big white shiny ship and next to that ship was a black shiny ship to.When they got there mary the checker was checking the people to go on the right ship so Lola went on the white ship,so they got on the ship and they drove off in the white misty fogg.Suddenly the arrived in a MAGICAL KINGDOM they have colourful trees and ashimmering sparkling lae across the kingdom.They got in the huge castle they went in and the sat in the hall there headteacher of the castle was saying that “Welcome to the pincess and prince magical kingdomtoday we will be sending your domes,you will have to share with your partner in your new home.After that you will have a busy day for the next three weeks and it will be the royal ball on that week. the next threee weeks it was the royal ball and people started to get dressed, when they got there they started to put the music on and they danced along with the music.But sadly it was the end of the trip so they went back to the big white ship which was situated in the river and they drove off to the docks. They were very happy to go home and that is the end of my story.

    The End

  11. Bronze:
    In a dark creepy woods there are dark poisonous oak trees,with a gigantic stream of blood flowing down the river everything is dull and nobody even dares to go there or speak word of the creepy destructive bloodthirsty vampire.

  12. Bronze challenge:
    The gaudy,sparkling castle has a long river with swans swimming all around the place. Behind the enormous castle theirs a colourful rainbow as big as a elephant! The rocky,bumpy edges of the path it takes you to the back of the castle.Around the back of the castle there’s lush,green grass like 1000 emeralds sparkling in the bright sky.

  13. Gold:
    Once upon a time, there was a scary creature who lived in a far away land in a different galaxy called Metropolis a place where rocky and high mountains are created with a ancient, abandoned palace lays on top.Although the landscape was beautiful there were NO creatures on that island there were no bears, lion, rabbits and even bugs this creature was lonely for as long as he was living. There was no one to comfy him and worry for him and even though, he looked vile and nasty with nails as sharp as a katana and had shaggy brown hair filled with bugs and old food he had a very kind heart and was very human like and kind hearted . He always used to talk to himself about someone coming here and he tries to be as polite as possible. He searched and searched worked day and night to find anything to entertain him but his luck wont click. He even talked to his shadow to feel happy. One day while Zorg was searching for food he crossed by a crashed rocket from earth and started to search for a human, Zorg when back to nap at his house and he went to open the door when suddenly a human was behind the door and fell on Zorg. Zorg was relieved and he asked if he could go on his rocket , but then the human was surprised by Zorg’s kindness and nice nature. He even did not hesitate to talk to him and to offer the help. Zorg was delighted to go with him on his journey and bring humans and creatures to populate the world.

    Moral : Don’t judge a book by its cover.
    Moral : The most amazing places are ugly without people or creatures.

  14. Bronze
    The spooky castle is a haunted, massive mansion where ghosts live.The rigid floor was like an illness spreading around ,all over the city.As you looked closely to the mysterious castle it looked like a volcano had just erupted.The next morning,I wanted to visit the woods and I was expecting lush,green grass…
    When I had arrived there was nothing to be seen.All you could see was dull,brown branches dancing!

    • Bronze: (setting 2 )
      As you walk across the rigid ,rough floor of the magical land you will see the amazing ,grand castle covered in smelly ,decaying moss the colour of emeralds. Surrounding the gigantic castle a huge mountain the size of 5 Double-Decker buses on on those huge mountains puny trees stand there like a sloth.Guarding this beautiful landscape is a crimson,ferocious dragon swooping in on the castle.As the moon slowly collapses into the thin air the fluffy cosy clouds smiled as they rose up and graced the island.

      • Silver:
        Whilst the soft breeze of wind whistled in the tranquil, luscious vegetation, the howling thunder roared and groaned on top of a diminutive, skeletal child known as Bageera. Groups of ominous clouds hung frantically in the dim sky and heavy rain bombarded down at him. This boy was not an ordinary boy; in fact he was a boy with various unique talents. His nut-brown skin was as soft as silk and his blue, azure eyes reflected his deep dark past.

  15. Setting 1
    Bronze challenges:
    The setting looks scary it has a volcano with spreading red hot boiling lava. Looks like a haunted mischievous spooky house.
    Setting 3
    Silver challenge:
    The character is a unicorn with a rainboe tail a white body it is magical it has a raiboe beautiful horn sparkly eyes and pretty cute bow in her glorious hair. ⚘🎀.

  16. The alluring,mystical castle is surrounded by flowers and cherry 🍒 blossom trees 🌳.A rainbow 🌈 is above the castle.It is as beautiful as a rose 🌹 blooming from its bud.There is a magestic river streaming through the land.

  17. Bronze:
    The eerie,nebulous graveyard
    The creepy,old graveyard has a person who lives in it he will come out of his place and trap people inside.He has a black body with specks of red and claws as long as a skyscraper.He has fangs as sharp as a sword.

  18. bronze:
    The creepy house stood in the middle of the scary, lonely woods. Tall, thick trees are around the house and there are lots of huge, black bats flying everywhere. There is strong, metal gate around the house protecting it like a guard.
    by barkad

  19. The dark house is surrounded by croaking crickets and tall, thin trees. The old fence is stood stiff around the house. There are bright, red lights on in the house. It looks like a house that has been stood there for many years.

    • Bronze:
      The creepy house stood in the middle of the scary, lonely woods. Tall, thick trees are around the house and there are lots of huge, black bats flying everywhere. There is strong, metal gate around the house protecting it like a guard.

  20. The haunted house looks like a witches lare full of zombies shearching for brains!
    The house is full of bats and horror clowns wich can eat you and cut you in half if you make one fun out of them.The atmosphere of the earth there was gravestones!

  21. Gold: (3rd picture)
    One day there was a princess who lived in a castle and her name was Malinda.Malinda had a pink beautiful dress , with pink shoes and a golden crown.
    One day she went to pick some apples for herself to eat and when she was washing the apples she started to eat one apple.On the brightest day she was going to her grandmas house.Malinda wanted to share some apples for her grandma but she noticed that there was no apples in her basket.So Malinda started to go back to her castle and saw a charming prince and he said ‘Hello princess. What is your name? and Malinda said ‘My name is Malinda. What is your name?’ My name is Prince Charming.I will see you again’.on Thursday Malinda went to the dance hall and saw him.

  22. BRONZE:
    1.The castle is as big as mountains and there is a princess how lives there. Beautiful, things are there like coulrful as raibows.Behind the castle there is a coulrful rainbow which is purple,green red and yellow.A beautiful blue,shiny lake whitch the princess can swim in if you where there you would be very excited also you colud feel air you can hear nothing you can taste chocolate see everything nice.
    By Humaira man 4red

  23. Bronze:
    The mystical house looks like a place where it’s abandoned and no one lives but only a mystical creature that doesn’t like humans to come to his house

  24. Bronze
    1.The spooky abandoned cottage is surrounded by razor sharp fences, it is like the devil has set a curse on the cottage because dead trees and orange grass are everywhere.The cottage is made out of rougher wood and the trees have such a weird texture is send a shiver down your spine.Glowing red light are coming from the windows and underneath the house is a tunnel leading to … an unknown place.The path to the unknown place is horribly disgusting with dirty water flowing and screams coming from the other end,you hear cackling flames and keep on walking and your life will end as it leads the HELL.A magnificent smell comes from the house ,it lures you in and then it turned horrible as it is toxic.

  25. Silver:
    The castle is as collosel as a mountain and as tall as a longneck dinosaur.In this picture I could add a princess 👸 that cept a secret that she could have fairy wings and she could turn into a fairy princess 👸 to her other mother and father but one day both of her mother were getting a baby 👶 and they both told her that they are getting a little baby 👶 girl 👧 She was shocked 😳 🙀

  26. Bronze
    1)In this setting is an old wooden house.There are red creepy trees behind the house.It looks as creepy as ghosts speaking in the dark and no one would like it.It is abandoned and only tiny creatures would live there.If you heard a noise it would scare you because you would think it is abandoned.There are brown creaky gates surrounding the house.It is that creaky and old it would need 1000 litres of oli.

  27. Bronze:
    1)There’s a small house which may be derelict or may have a creepy witch inside doing a spell which made the lava raise from the floor which gets hotter and hotter over time.every year she keeps doing the spell and the atmosphere is full of lava

  28. Silver:

    There lived a beautiful princess who lived with her brother and her mother and they went out to do strawberry picking and a beast went to there house and destroyed everything in there house.

  29. Bronze
    2nd picture
    The island is as mystical as people who have powers (not real)
    It is as big as mount everest and the dragon flying besides it is as big as a house.
    The massive scary fire breathing deathly dragon blows fire as hot as lave straight from a boiling hot volcano.
    On the island there is nude massive castle

  30. Bronze:
    1)In the atmosphere of Mars there was a giant castle covered in gooey slippery slime.Inside of it you would see broken bricks with cement scattered around.Anyone entering would burn as the heat from the fire gets hotter and hotter.

  31. Bronze

    The Castle’s trees are pink and green. The water sparkles like crystals. The castle is very big with a beautiful rainbow. Around the castle there is a rainbow
    Surrounding the lake there are beautiful flowers.


    There lived a beautiful princes that lived in the castle with here 2 daughters. Then one day when there mother and her 2 daughters went there garden to admire the nature around her .Lots of people respected the princess because she was very generous and not greedy.

  32. Silver

    The castle is as beautiful as a shining moon. There are lots of fairys and queens which are haunted by a big red beast which also has white sharp teeth. The pink trees are as big as an elephant. There are lots of bright lights inside the castle and outside the castle. Castles are shining bright as a yellow bright sun ☀️.

  33. Bronze:
    1. The castle is as big as a mountain there are lots of tall trees filled with leaves on them , the castle has a airy feeling of quietness.
    Above the clouds is the shiny bright rainbow it is as bright as the sun.
    The river flows strongly underneath the castle where the white swans are peacefully floating on it.
    Because the castle is so big it can fit hundreds of kings and queens.

    1.Everyday the king goes for a walk for some hot fresh air ,while going on the walks he waters the lush green grass so its grows, to be thick and strong.
    The plants and bushes are neatly tidied up to make the garden look pretty and gorgeous.
    After doing all these daily chores the king relaxes on the lawn under the tree with a nice hot cup of tea watching the swans and the fishes swimming in the river.

  34. Bronze: colorful nature and also colorful trees. Beautiful blue ocean river. The sky was bright blue. The castle is huge and also it is bright.

  35. Bronze:
    The colourful castle is welcoming and all around is splendid trees,there is a magical rainbow filled with colours gleaming with brightness . the blue lake shimmers like a million diamonds . The sky is as blue as Skyblue sam . This castle is fit for a elegant Queen.

    Their lived a elegant princes waiting for her nighting shining armour to rescue her from the evil prince. Every day she sat at the window,in waiting. she felt happy to still live and also sad because she didn’t want to be with the scum bag who didn’t take notice of her

  36. Gold
    3. One day in the magical fairy land there lived a princess called Lucy with a pink sparkling wand.She had brown hair, pink shoes and a dress with red roses on it.Lucy lived in a castle which is pure white with blue high pionts.Lucy always takes a daily walk thourgh the kingdom to see what’s happening.As she was going she saw the evil wicked witch called bug. Bug was trying to become the rule of the kingdom.Then Lucy went back to the castle and madeasy a plan to destroy bug.But first she needs some help from her friend becky and Sophie.Lucy started to ring becky and Sophie.suddenly Lucy had a problem besky and sophie wouldn’t answer the phone.lucy thought that they probably got captured by bug the witch but also she’d had to do it herself.after Lucy decided her plan she went defeated the witch bug. At they end she defeated and neverelated seen again.

  37. Bronze:

    1.The elegant castle looks very welcoming as there is also a rainbow.It has a majestically blue lake with cloud-white swans in it.There is lush green grass and colourful bushes.The blue lake sparkles like one million diamonds and the castle looks fit enough for a King or Queen or as if it is owned by one. The street lamps are as bright as the sun.The sky is as blue as the ocean and the grass is as green as the tree leaves.Understandably as there is a elegant castle the pathway is neatly set out.


    1.There is a prince having his daily walk on the pathway and into the forest.Usually he comes back by lunch time.He feeds the white swans and waters the lush green grass.Honourably the prince is respected as he is very kind.


    1.One day the prince took his daily morning walk after feeding the swans. Suddenly he heard shrieking but he decided to ignore it.Then there was incredibly loud screaming so he rushed off into the forest quickly and saw a princess being kidnapped by some barbarians.Instantly he decides that hide and get his sword ‘Excalibur’ and followed the wagon the cruel, Nasty barbarians were in.As he described he did it rapidly but the wagon was faster than him.Meanwhile,the barbarians where at the camp taking the princess to the chief.Wisely, the prince decided that he would go on his trusty horse ‘wilbur’ he was a elegant white horse.When he got to the barbarians camp he took out the guards stealthily,rapidly but quietly.Without warning he got the not the chief’s tent but the chief heard him and had a sword fight.Skillfully he stabbed the barbarian but the barbarian got him in the leg.The battle lasted many hours and when it ended the barbarian chief dropped dead to the floor with the final blow. The prince said “My name is Arthur and I have come to rescue you, what is your name?The princess said “My name is Angelina.Without hesitation they went to Arthur’s castle and got married.Arthur healed after a few months.

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