69 thoughts on “Year 4 Reading Challenge

  1. As Granpa chatterji went to sleep, i woke up and there was a noise.it was someone saying “omm omm.” I went to see if it was sanjay but he was fast asleep with his teddy.Then I thought it was dad snoring but dad wasn’t snoring.So then I decided to play out side.As I was playing outside, i saw grandpa chatterji.I said “what are you doing grandpa.” Grandpa said.”I am praying to God.”

  2. It is big,long,white,tall,taller,quitly. Grandpa chatterji is a great grandpa but when they get wrong they get sad and sader. But really Sanjay is a good boy even neetu good girl too but they jumbled up sometime but they get back on track. Thank you. :)

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