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  1. theres a little boy with his man and he really missis his mum .his man was very happy with his frind i hope yuo like it.

    the man is happy with the boy but he dont know where is his mum and dad ?

    so yuo will find out
    ”i miss my mum and dad :(


  2. The image shows a young boy and his grandad in Yorkshire.
    They have lost everything in the war,their family and their home.There house is pile of rubble,which you can see them crouched over.Everything in all directions is ruined like a bomb sight.The boy said “I want my mother,” as his grandad held him closer because he can not do anything else.The grandad explained, “This has been an emotional roller coaster,”I have lost my wife and my son in this war,” he continues “I have to stay strong for him,” as
    he looked at the young boy and wiped a tear from his eye.

  3. In this picture this is showing a grandfather and his grandson.I think in the middle of nowhere the place just bombed up however I feel sorry for them that this had happened.Also I think this is left with peace now that the place is destroyed.These people might gone on hiliday,lived in a tent but this is not aceptable .Grandfather might be arguing in a fight bit I think they do not like what is happening

  4. Last boy in the city

    The whole place is destroyed and people have lost their dear ones and family. It is really miserable. But now everyone is glad and the city is left with peace.

    Yesterday the war had ended and the last boy had come back to his home in Foleshil. The boy was weekend and starving, missing everyone. On one hand he is enjoying his granddad’s company but on the other hand his parents loss is adding to his misery.

    Thank You for reading this report

  5. I Can see that the picture shows that a grandad is with his grandson hiding.
    They are in the countryside .
    These emimies are bombing the place.
    There emotions are uncunfterbul on the other hand the boy and grandad are frightened if the bombers would fire at theme!

  6. From looking at this picture, I infer that the little boy is cuddling his grandpa because there is a war going on! I think the little boy is frightened. The reason why I think he feels frightened is because a war is going on and maybe he is going to be killed!

  7. bronze challenge
    the boy feels comfortable with his grandfather after he was evcated from his home to the countryside because it was the war.I predict they are in the ruins of Britian after the German airforce bomed eveything down in the night.I think the war has ended so all the children who were in the countryside come back to there families who were in the countryside.I think these people feel exubrunt but worried where are all there families are now or if they died.
    sliver challenge
    The sky was blue but eveyone was blank looking for there families but saddened as they couldn’t find them.Even more sat on the ruins of the destroyed Britian with water trickling down from there eyes as others watch the glazing fire go threw there eyes thinking of the lost and the found.Furthermore eveybody sat down after the struggles the fears and the hurt cring for there loved ones.Lots are weakened and were tested out of the box and out of their limits.
    gold challenge
    last boy of the countryside driven to city
    The last child in countryside had finally came back to his home town in Foleshill after he was weakened when his family disarmed him.Everyone in the city are left just with a empty heart triying to find their loved ones that will never leave their lungs.If one of your part of your family has been found please call on our phone number so we can get viewpoints of people.Many people have said now to live in peace and for the furture have on more wars.
    Thank you for reading this newspaper I hope you have enjoyed this.

  8. GOLD


    Tom’s mother, and only guardian perished in a mysterious fire that destroyed their mansion while attempting to save her only child.

  9. Bronze
    I think it is a young boy and his grandfather. The war has ended in England and there a relived that it is
    The boy is happy about the war although, that his grandmother has died along with his pet dog. He is thinking that if we brought a bigger cage for my dog he would have not died and if his grandmother came back home quicker she would have not died ether which he wished for. His grandfather is felling a little run down that his wife has been killed but he has hope that her sprit will answer him.
    Back in one peace!!!
    Yesterday the war was over every one was overwhelmed with joy such as some people left with a with a empty heart we have heard that a big amount have gone to the grave yard and see there friends and family’s grave’s. Work men have been finding some reaming people who survived some attacks these people wrere left on top of pices of buildings that wrere destroyed that night. Have any of you’re people been found?

  10. sliver challenge
    The teacher looks extremely angry because she has a very sharp cause contact with the students.Also she looks angry because of her movement.In the picture it looks like she is going to harm the children.THE Lady wears a dull dress and along,thick belt.On her black dress there are tiny buttons all along.Because the teacher shouts at the students they all freeze.If a student gets angry they start to get nervous and start to cry.although the children
    got nervous they got happier by having fun.

  11. gold challenge
    There is this lady in a school which shouts at to many children.
    This means the children in her school are naughty and bad behaved.
    Her school is always not uncontrolled.The lady wears a black long
    dress which has buttons all along and flexible belt.This lady doesn’t have enough children to teach because the school is too
    expensive and nobody learns properly.When this teacher shouts at students they start to get nervous and sometimes they will about to cry. Every time the lady shouts at student she gets bad tempered and furious.Children do not like this teacher at all.

    • Bronze
      From looking at this image, I can see that there is a boy and his grandfather cuddling because there was a fire. The little boy is feeling petrified that there house was burnt down.I predict, that there in Coventry and there house got bommed.
      The fire fighter’s came and used the hose to take the fire out .

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