Year 4 Reading Challenge


Bronze challenge 

Scan for the adjectives in the text and then use them in your own sentences which make a descriptive paragraph. 

Silver challenge 

Using the descriptive phrases, create a piece of art to represent the description and write your own descriptive phrases too (you might want to include similes and metaphors). 

Gold challenge

Identify phrases which you think are really good in describing the setting. Comment on the different language features used and how they create interest for the reader. 

15 thoughts on “Year 4 Reading Challenge

  1. Bronze
    As the time went through, the sky got darker and darker and nothing could be seen.Then, the water in the lake stared to get frozen and all the fishes were frozen to!All the snowflakes stoped falling from the sky.It was so dreadful.

  2. I like the phrase ” found the snow falling all round him ” because it tells me where he found the snow. This write has used interesting adjectives such as slippery, shuffled, swirling, darker and much more. I like the way the writer has used complex sentences and semicolons. The way the writer has described the setting is a very good way to create an image in the readers head. By writing ” fallen tree trunks the reader knows some of the tree will be lying down on the snow.

  3. Gold;

    The writer uses phrases such as “he kept drifting into deep drifts of snow” by using the adjective deep its describing the detting by saying that the snow around him is very high. He also uses short sentences such as “and then too there was no road” creating an image in the readers head. The phrase “the silence and the lonliness were dreadful” describes the setting by stating that there was possibly no one around and the surroundings were quite.

  4. Gold
    I enjoyed reading this text because the writer used very interesting features of language. The writer used adjective phrases such as “frozen puddles” and “steep banks” to describe the setting. This made me imagine the setting and enjoy it. This text was also good because the author used the past tense when he described what happened in the story.

  5. Silver
    It was a cold day . Everything was covered with a white fluffy blanket .Frozen trunks of trees stood still like statues and puddles of water turned into ice and reflected the clear sky. High white mountains touched the sky and smiled at the beautiful surroundings . Shiny and sparkling snowflakes were falling to the ground trying to nicely touch everything in its way. While walking near the steep banks and the fallen tree trunks , deer grinned and hugged their kids like a kind hearted mother hugging her children.

  6. 1) Bronze
    The adjectives I could find in the text are :
    Pretty bad
    As Edward stood on the steep slippery hill , he saw fallen tree trunks and frozen puddles. He felt the cold breeze passed his cheeks , this made him feel extremely cold. He walked down the hill to reach the far side of the lake. Suddenly he tripped over and bruised himself.

  7. Silver Challenge
    Hopefully it will not be that slippery because the snow is falling towards the ground.As I looked out of the window,the sky started to become darker than usually.When I looked outside,the ice was frozen which was slippery.In a house,the stairs are steep because the house is old.As I got into the pool,I realised the pool was deep.Some pavements,next to the road,are steep because the buildings are next to it.If someone does something wrong it is pretty bad.

  8. Bronze

    Thank goodness it was not that slippery until the swirling snow started to fall . Every tiny munite ,the sky was getting darker and darker like the clear view in space. Slipping on frozen lakes and tripping over stuff.In fact ,the peacefulness and the longness was so dreadful .

  9. In this setting, it is a very chilly the snow is covering the paths like it is not there the wind is pushing the snow flakes like a bull it was as cold as the North Pole ,which didn’t have animals only mystical creatures. In the depp mist of a gloomy place the snow gets stronger. The lake and puddles were frozen,tree branches were scattered all over the floor. Every minutes, it got darker the sky was as blitch black as a crow. When the snow calmed down, they was complete silence it was as undistrible and as quiet as a mine. (A mine is a French entanier and doesn’t say anything he/she uses sign language)

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