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Year 4 Reading Gladiators

This term I have had the opportunity to work with some very talented Year 4 children – Reading Gladiators. The club was set up every Monday after school. The first book they read was called ‘Word of Mouse’. The children had fun reading it and the work they produced was fantastic. I have enjoyed working with them and I am very proud of their efforts and determination to understand the book.

I hope you have had fun Reading Gladiators?

What did you enjoy the most in this club?

How can we make it better?

Next term we will be looking at a new book called ‘Little Bits of Sky’

What do you think the meaning of this title is?

Can you make a prediction of the story?

Have a super holiday. See you on Monday when we get back.

Ms Janjua

4 thoughts on “Year 4 Reading Gladiators

  1. I had fun in this club as I loved all the books.
    I think the title little bits of sky means like the clouds all forming together.
    I think to make the club better would be to do more acting and drama like from parts in the book because it was very fun and I loved it!

  2. I’ve had fun in Reading Gladiators and especially with reading the books because they have loads of long words like crepuscular and is very interesting to read.

    I enjoyed reading the books and acting things to share on the blog because reading helps you gain key vocabulary that you can use in your handwriting and acting things out so we can share it on the blog.

    We could make it better by acting even more and had more time in and more books being given.

    The book ‘Little Bits of Sky’ will probably mean there will be a higher percent chance of the birds not surviving.

    I think at the end they will be together with there parents because they might’ve been alone by themselves and kept in the house.

  3. I enjoyed reading the quotes of the book.

    I think the title means little bits of sky above you.
    I predict that an animal sees the sky and every day it sees a little bit of it until it sees th whole sky in person.

  4. I enjoyed discussing and making predictions about the book.I also enjoyed looking at the unique quotes in the book.

    I think the meaning of the title little bits of sky is the stuff that sits in the sky.

    We could make the club better by getting everyone to read a page or two of the story that we would be currently reading

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