Year 4 – Reading Lesson

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

For today’s reading lesson we are going to read an extract from The Final Challenge and answer some quick questions. Please make sure you read the text carefully before answering the questions. Complete this work in your homework books, writing in full sentences with capital letters and full stops.

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  1. 1. Maeve’s job is protector of the realm.

    2. Maeve feels tired and bored in the first paragraph, while she is worried about the sheep and surprised by the monster in the last paragraph.

    3. Someone called Maeve protected her realm. She went to check the sheep. A monster welcomed her to the final challenge.

    4. I think that the monster will fight Maeve and that it will be tricky.

  2. 1. Maeves’ job is that she is the protector of the realm.
    2. In the first paragraph she feels bored, but then the has the sense that something is wrong.
    3. Maeve was done with her job. She looked at her list. So she went there and a huge shadow greeted it.
    4. I think Maeve will fight this huge shadow. It will look like she is losing. Then, she will step up her game and win the fight and be remembered as a hero.
    5. I saw 2 fronted adverbials. So far today and arriving at the field.

  3. 1. Her job is to portect the reakm
    2. Bored then something went wrong
    3. regret and bored and Protection
    4. she will fight the person and i think more dragons

  4. 1. Maeve’s job is to protect the realm
    2. She felt bored but they she thought that something was wrong.
    3. Maeve the protector of the realm which is an honour. Petrifying voice gave her a final challenge.
    4. I think that Maeve will accept the challenge and will win again.

  5. 1. being a protector of a realm
    2. in the first paragraph Maeve was bored about her job and in the last paragraph she felt like she did something wrong
    3. BoredRegretWrong
    4. There will be a challenge to make everything more good at make her enjoy her self I think

  6. 1. Her job is to protect the realm
    2. Bored then something wrong
    3. Protection, regret and bored
    4. I think she will fight the that person and maybe more dragons

  7. 1.She protects the realm
    2.She felt a little bored then she had a bad feeling that something was wrong
    3.Boredom Suspicious Regret
    4.I think it’s a Villian and she is trying to fight it

  8. 1.She was a protector of the realm
    2.She was felling bored bt then she felt that somethings wrong
    3Regretion,Decide and Protection.
    4I think that the final challenge a very difficult due to Maive is a protectour

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