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Year 4 Red Maths Week 5


Year 4 Red have had a fun, practical Maths week, consolidating their learning over the last term. They have worked in small groups to solve problems, applying their reasoning skills and linking their learning. This was challenging and engaging for the children in 4 Red, and they enjoyed presenting their final pieces of work. We covered topics such as money, statistics, data, trial and error, and measure. 

Please see our video below, which showcases our learning across the week.


A) What did you most enjoy about Maths this week?

B) How did you overcome challenges in your learning? 

6 thoughts on “Year 4 Red Maths Week 5

  1. In maths this week my favourite part was when we got to plan a trip to Brazil because we got to experience of how to plan a trip.

    I overcame my challenges because the problems we did were hard but I overcame then because I worked my way through them.

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