Year 4 Science – bee a saviour!

Today we have been learning about the pollination process and the importance of it and the pollinators for the environment! Sadly, bees are endangered. Can you find out why and explain why this is a disaster for the environment? What can we do to help?


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    • Bees are endangered because of extermination. Other reasons are because of deforestation which destroys flowers. If this continues and all the flowers are destroyed bees would become extinct as they need to pollinate to survive. We can help by building homes for bees, planting more flowers and instead of exterminating bees they could be moved to new homes.

  1. Bees are endangered because people are killing them cutting plant and putting fake grass.
    We could plant more flowers and replace the fake grass with real grass.

  2. We are making the environment worse because we put plastic in the ocean when the fishes eat it we eat the fish then we get chocked. We could help by not putting plastic ocean

  3. It is a disaster because the bees mainly polinate. The bees 🐝 help polinate and help provide for us humans to .

    We can help by making a better environment.

  4. This is a disaster because bees pollinate flowers and then flowers make seeds because bees have pollinated the flowers. Those seeds is what we use in bread etc. We can help by planting flowers and trees.

  5. Bees are being endangered because people are deciding to cut grass and replace it with fake grass. When this happens, the plants won’t be able to grow as the grass is fake. So when the bees try to suck pollen, they won’t be able to because there are no flowers 🐝🌺