*Year 4 SMSC Home learning – 9.7.2021*


Hello Year 4

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Friday 9th July 2021

To understand why Jesus’ life is inspiring to some people.

There are 4 books written about Jesus’ life, called the Gospels. Each of the 4 Gospel are named after their writer. Put together they form part of the Holy Bible. The names are: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The word ‘Gospel’ means good news.

Look at these representations of Jesus from around the world. Although in the holy Bile there is a lot of information about what Jesus said ad id there is no description of him. Therefore, any images are influenced by the artists experinces, beliefs and background.

Watch the parable “The Good Samaritan”

Think whilst you are watching – what is the moral message and how did Jesus inspire other people to act?

TASK: Think carefully about what you would like to show about Jesus. Draw your representation of Jesus in a key scene from the parable. How does he show Christian values?

Challenge: Add Christian values around the edge of your picture. Underneath, explain why you have represented Jesus this way.

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    • Whenever I see that it’ll be your work that I am marking, I always think one thing: quality. And you never let us down. Super work Simin.

    • Afreen, you are an outstanding pupil and I would expect to see more care and effort from your work than this. The work should take you between 20 and 25 minutes please.

  1. The moral of the story is to help everyone
    Jesus is caring.
    He is kind.
    He is sharing.
    He helps anyone.
    He cares for everyone.
    He always shows respect.

  2. Friday 9th July 2021
    To understand why Jesus life is inspiring to some people.
    .he was caring to people
    .he was kind
    .he always spoke the truth
    .he died at 27AD
    .he was born in 6-4BC in a roman empire
    .his home own was nazareth galilee
    .his cause of death was crucifixion.
    everone know jesus he is a caring and sharing person
    he knows all of his oun family.jesus died on the cross
    they bourd children to jesus and blessed him and people always pray for him.

    by zainab

  3. The moral message of the story is to treat people the same way you want to be treated and to love your neighbour how you love yourself.

    He is kid and caring and sharing. He shows the Christian values by caring for others and himself, being kind to people no matter how mean the are, helping people when their hurt and being a good Christian and a good person during his lifetime.

    Jesus is generous to people because in the story, he was generous to give a wounded man a place to stay and paid the price for the man that needed to be treated and to stay in the inn. Jesus is courageous because, none decided to help the man who had been robbed and beaten by robbers because they where scared, but Jesus wasn’t scared and took the opportunity to help the man.

    Jesus loves everybody because he decided to help bandage the wounds of the man’s wound, which not everybody in the story would fo that, but Jesus did do that.

  4. TASK:
    He shows Christian values by helping people / keeping people safe.
    And by helping animals , forests and environment.
    By giving people what they need.

    • There is an upload point now, but thank you for sharing your answers on the blog.
      Why do you think he used these values? Are any of them the same as the ones you use in your daily life?

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