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  1. What have you learnt in the half term?

    We have learnt school objects = La regla = means ruler, una goma = means rubber, in lapiz = means a pencil, in sacapuntas = means sharpener, boligrafo = means pen, tijeras = means scissors, calculadora = calculator, cuademo = writing book. The

    Which activity have you enjoyed the most?

    I enjoyed playing the crossword out of all of the activity and also the brain box game.

  2. We have learnt school objects in Spanish boligrafo=pen tijeras =scissors goma=rubber regal=ruler lapiz=pencil estuche= pencil case Mochila= bag calculadora =calculator cuaderno = writing book libro= reading book sacapuntas = sharpener

    I enjoyed playing the Spanish crossword out of all the activities

    I would use this information when we go Spain

    I would like to learn what food they eat and how they say it

  3. 1.I have learnt that libro in a pen was n Spanish.I liked it when we played game my favourite one was when we had to
    cover one of the items and ges the items in Spanish.Mybe when you
    might go to πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ.

  4. What have you learnt this half term?

    I have learnt that Spanish is important to others not just to use.
    Do not defend others culture…
    There words sounds different but don’t make fun of it.
    For example guma = rubber,it looks different but nothing means you have to make fun of it…
    Spanish is a great to learn any where any time.

  5. 1.What have you learnt this half term?:
    The numbers up to 31
    Classroom objects such as
    -Una regla
    -Un lapiz
    -Un goma
    -Un estuche
    Learning the days of the week
    Writing compound sentences
    Learning the months
    Learning new vocabulary

    2.Which activity have you enjoyed the most?
    My favourite lesson of all was filling the crossword in and also I enjoyed making a game in Spanish.

    3.Where will this information be useful in real-life?
    It’s going to be useful because if you go to Spain for a holiday and your room number is 30 (trienta in Spanish) you wouldn’t know what it means.

    4.What else would you like to learn or do in your Spanish lessons?
    I would like to learn the numbers all the way up to 100.
    πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

  6. 1.I have learnt:
    Learning Spanish numbers
    Learning classroom objects
    un boligrafo,un colour,una goma,una regla,un Libro,un cuaderno,una calculadora.
    Learning the days in Spanish
    Learning the month in Spanish
    2.The activity that I enjoyed the most was Learning the Spanish objects and numbers in Spanish.

  7. 1) This half term I have learned the name of spanish objects such as :
    Un sacapuntas = sharpener
    Un color = pencil crayon
    Un lapiz = pencil
    Una regla = ruler
    We learned many more spanish vocabulary

    2) This term, my favourite activities that I have completed is the crossword and writing sentences using the Spanish vocabulary.

    3) If I go to Spain in the holidays this information will be useful.

    4) I would like to learn playground objects in spanish.

  8. 1.I Lunt about in week1 is the name of the Objetos.
    1.pen=el boligrafo.
    2.Ruba=la goma.
    3.Rula=la regla.
    4.cula=le cloud.
    5.Pensul=le lapiz.
    6.book=le libro.

    2.The most activity I enjoyed is.

    I enjoyed the most is all.

  9. In Spanish we have learnt about classrom obgects including:
    El boligrafo πŸ–Š
    El libro πŸ“šπŸ“’
    La regla πŸ“
    Las tiaras βœ‚οΈ
    La Mochica bag

    My faverioute piece of work was our wordsearch

    If we go to Spain and get lost

  10. 1. I have learnt about the Spainsh equipment such as:
    Un sacpuntas: A sharper
    Una lapiz: A peincl
    Un Roma : A rubber
    Una colour: A colour
    Un boligrafo : A blue peincl
    Una graft colour: A box of colour
    Un balgil: A backpack

  11. We have learnt:
    Learning Spanish food
    Playing Spanish games
    Spanish hide and seek
    Days of the week in spanish
    Spanish classroom objects:
    un sacapunta
    una goma
    un libro
    un calcaladora
    in calderno
    The activities I liked the most is
    Spanish games
    Spanish hide and seek
    Spanish songs.

  12. In Spanish you call peni un boil ruber is un Guma
    I like learning about speaking in Spanish
    The information will be useful because on the 6weeks holiday am going to go Spain

  13. 1.we learnt shapes,body parts,school equipment,names of the months and the days of the week in Spanish .we are now learning about shapes:
    Un sacapantas
    Una regla
    Un lapiz. -some examples
    Un roga
    Un quaderno
    2.shapes because we got to do a word search,crossword,guess shape and matching game on paper and got to any you want.
    3.when we go Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ in year 6 we can ask for help if where lost and if we hurt our self.
    4.nature because we are learning about it and I would be interested in knowing how it sounds.

  14. 1I have learnt about classrooms objects example una mochila is a bag un boli a pen
    2I have enjoyed the activity matching word to picture
    3We can use this information with spanish people or people that are learning Spanish and we can learn people who don’t know anything like talking
    4 I would like to do sports and how to ask funny questions to others also learn the park house objects.

  15. In Spanish I’ve leaned how to count even if it was hard
    I’ve enjoyed when we did the classroom objects pencil=un lapiz Rula=regal
    The information in real live is when I grow up I am going to do this to see if I was listening in Spanish I would like to go in Madrid and learn about I would like to go and see people in Madrid.

  16. 1) This half term, I learnt about the classroom objects such as:
    Una goma Un estuche Un color Un calculadora Un sacapuntas Unas tejiras. Un boligrafo

    2) The activity I enjoyed the most was making a game of Spanish classroom objects because I could be creative with what I did.

    3)This information will be useful if:
    I go to Spain and I need help.
    Someone Spanish is talking to me then I will understand.

    4) In Spanish I would like to LEARN about:
    Playground objects
    Famous landmarks
    House objects
    Electric objects

    In Spanish the things I would like to DO are:
    Play more games
    Do more projects

  17. I learnt sharperna is un sacapuntas and rubber un Guma.
    I enjoyed making word search.
    It will be useful to Spanish people so they know we know Spanish kind of.
    I would like to learn Spanish songs and different kind of like house objects.

  18. I have learnt about Spanish class objects, some examples are una regla that’s ruler , pencil which is un lapiz , and many more

    I have enjoyed writing the conversation asking people for equipment , however there was not puppet pals on the iPads so we could not record it .

    You cold go on a trip to Madrid and not know we’re you are going so you need to know that country’s language .

    Famous people or Spanish tradition and food because I like Spain and I want to be better than ever in Spanish . Also I want to be challenged and write a story on people and the tradition .

  19. 1.)I have learnt about the class objects such as un lapiz is pencil or una goma or un Colorado.
    2.)The matching words because it was fun and a little bit hard and challenging or me.
    3.)It will be useful if I would speak to someone who doesn’t understand English but Spanish.
    4.)Maybe clothing like how to say t-shirt or food.or a whole good sentence.


    This half term I have learnt the names of classroom objects such as…
    Un boligrofo (un boli)
    Una goma
    Un sacuptntas
    Un color
    Una regal
    Una calculadora


    The activity that I enjoyed the MOST was when we had to create a game and I made a word search and Mrs Kiani had to check it and I also liked finding the words in a crossword and at first I was worried but when it came to doing that activity I wasn’t worried anymore because I found out it was easy .


    Outside of school if we ever go on a family trip to Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ we can ask people questions and find out about there lives and when the school take us to Madrid (spain) we will b eprepaired and we will know all about spain and what to say if we ever have to speak in Madrid .


    I would like to learn the names of transport in spanish as such as…
    Roller skates
    And I would like to learn the names of jobs..
    And in are lessons I would like to bring back the brain boxes.

  21. What have you learnt this half term

    1) I have learnt the classroom objects?
    A few examples are
    .un regal which is a ruler
    Un lapiz which is pencil
    .un colour which is 1 colour
    .un boligrapho which is a pen
    .un thijras which is sicorcs

    2) Which actives have you enjoyed the most?
    The activity I have enjoyed the most was the crossword because it was fun and was something fun to do and something different.

    3) Where will this information be useful in real life?
    This information can be used when you go to Spain
    It can also be useful if someone speaks Spanish and ask you something

    4) What else would you like to learn or do in your Spanish lessons?
    I would like to do more practical thing such as
    .playing games outside
    .More iPad work
    .Play some other games

    By : Yumna

  22. 1. What have you learnt this half term?
    We have learnt about classroom objects and we made sentences or wrote a conversation about what we have in our school bags.

    2. What activity have you enjoyed the most?
    I have enjoyed making the Spanish games like board games,cards,or a matching game.

    3. Where will this information be useful in real life?
    This information could be used if you were going to Spain and you were buying stationary for school, you would need to be able to pronounce and remember the words off by heart because if you said it wrong the person would not know what you are saying.

    4. What else would you like to learn or do in your Spanish lessons?
    I would like to do more projects outside by the radio station and we can present more videos and we could learn some of the animals names like pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, and wild animals and we could make videos teaching the year 3’s so they are ready next year.

    B Y
    C H L O E

  23. We have learnt the names of the classroom objects such as una goma is a rubber
    Un lapiz is a pencil and Una regla is a ruler and un sacapuntas is a sharpener. we have looked back to what we did in the past.

    I have enjoyed the activity were we did a short film about the names of classroom objects so people could learn them better.

    Yes the information will be useful in real life because if you go on holiday maybe to Spain you can use that language to speak to Spanish people.

    I would like to learn about Spanish food because I would want to learn about what is different about our food compared to Spanish food.

  24. I have learnt…
    About classroom objects for example un boli (a pen), un lapiz (a pencil) and una mochila (a bag)
    We learnt about talking in Spanish like β€œHola! Coma estas?” β€œMuy bien y tu?”
    Also we’ve learnt about one on one conversations just like this β€œHola”.
    My favourite activity was when we talked in Spanish to our partners (the person next to us).
    We can use this information in Spain since the people in Spain speak Spanish,
    And maybe in Spanish shops because they also might speak Spanish and if you didn’t understand them then they wouldn’t under stand you if you spoke in a different language.
    I would like to learn about more stories in Spanish becuase when Mrs Kiani we learnt about the β€œLittle Brown Mouse” story it was funny and also interesting.

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