Year 4 Reading Challenge

In 4T we made a display of our topic work last half term. For this terms Reading Challenge you will need to use some of the information from the display. 

reading summer 2


Bronze challenge

Extract three facts about butterflies.

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Silver challenge

Create an information text which uses sub-headings for each of the paragraphs. Also, create a glossary of the key words!

Gold Challenge 

These paragraph  were found in an information text. What features would you expect to find in an information text and what is the purpose of the features used in information texts?



6 thoughts on “Year 4 Reading Challenge

  1. Bronze
    Butterflies cannot flie if they body temperature is less than 86 degrees.
    The top Butterfly flight speed is 12 miles per hour.
    They are insects.

  2. In an information text I would expect the features to be there are,
    To know what the information text is about.
    To know what is going to be in the paragraph next that the reader will read.
    A brief sentence of what is happening in the picture.
    To imagine what the picture would be like and blends in with the sentences that the writer wrote.

  3. Gold
    It is important to have a heading because it will tell the reader what the rest of the paragraphs will be about.
    Sub-headings help the reader to understanding what the paragraph below will be about.
    Diagrams are pictures, which repsent the text.
    A caption is a short sentence,which explains what’s happening in the picture.

  4. Silver
    Parts of the butterfly
    The butterfly has three parts, just like all otherincects;the head,the throax (chest) and the abdomen (bottom).The butterfly’s four wings are attached together to the throax.

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