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34 thoughts on “Year 4 Think Its #1

    • A good try Kia, but you think all the words are the word ‘where’.

      where = in or to what place or position.
      were = to describe being somewhere in the past tense.
      we’re = the contraction of we are

      Give the sentences another go with these definitions.

    • Well done you have understood the meaning of the words. Now maybe you need to stretch yourself a little more. Can you write sentences with more than one clause? Also, make sure you start your sentence with a capital letter… even on a computer.

  1. 1. We’re doing our home learning because our school is closed due to Corona-virus outbreak.
    2. I went to my room where there was no noise.
    3. Me and my sister were playing basketball in the garden when the basketball hoop broke.

  2. We’re going to play in the garden.
    We were going to the library.
    Where are they going?
    __________________________________________________________________By Sabah

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