Year 4 Tudor challenge

Next half term you will be exploring a historic journey all about the famous Tudors!

Your task is to find out how life today is different to Tudor times.

Areas you can complete your project about:
*Crime and Punishment 

Use the below websites and books from the library to complete a creative project.
Display your work in any way you think is best.

Some ideas:
*Sew a Tudor outfit
*Create a model of a modern and Tudor house
*Create a documentary about the different sports
*Create a fact file or poster about something which interests you! (Comparing Tudors and now)

There will be prizes for the most creative and informative projects!

11 thoughts on “Year 4 Tudor challenge

  1. You never know who is going to win! I don’t really mind if I do not win because life is not all about wining anyways there a lot more oportunities to win things.The important and main thing is to enjoy it and put your effort into it.

  2. Sounds exiting. I might have a go and see how it goes.I wonder what the prize will be and who will get them.🎉 The 🏆 Is mine .😃LOL

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