Year 4- Understanding how actions affect others

We have been exploring how our actions can affect others and how they lead to different emotions. 

We read the story ‘The New Girl’. 

How do you think Nananka was feeling when she went to the park on her own and saw the children playing on the swings?

Why did Sharon go over to Nananka and ask her name and how do you think these actions made Nananka feel?

Why do you think Stevie acted the way he did towards Nananka and what affect do you think this had on her?

How do you think Stevie’s actions made Amy, Lenny, Jill and Bill feel? Why did they believe what he said?

How do you think the actions of Amy, Lenny, Jill and Bill made Nanaka feel?

How would you feel if someone called you ‘a witch’ or another unkind name?


21 thoughts on “Year 4- Understanding how actions affect others

  1. 1. She felt kid of sad and upset.
    2. Sharon wanted everyone to play together nanaka might have felt surprised that someone noticed her.
    3. Nanaka felt so upset that Steve did all those mean thing to her
    4. It made her feel that she doesn’t like it here.
    5. I would feel frowny

  2. 1 Nananka was feeling unhappy because she was feeling left out and bullied.

    2 When Sharon Asked Nananka her name she felt proud for someone to ask her what is your nane.

    3 Because he felt gellose and wanted someone to ask him what is your name.

    4 he made all of them shoked and made them beleive him because he
    said if you say Nananka 3 times you will be dead.

    5 the actions made nanaka feel sad.

  3. I think that Nananka felt nervous when she saw the kids playing on the swings.I think that Sharon wanted to know what Nananka was like and that made her happy.I think Stevie was being unfriendly because he thought Nananka was a witch and that made her feel lonely, also sad.I think Stevie`s friends felt jealous because they could of thought of the same thing.I think Stevie`s friends believed him because they all thought the same thing.I think Stevie`s friends made Nananka feel more and more lonely.I think I would feel sad and unhappy if someone called me an unkind thing.

  4. 1.Nananka was feeling left out.She felt this because nobody even cared to play with her.
    2.She felt happy because thought Sharan was going to play with her.
    3.She felt upset because Stevie called her a witch.
    4.They felt bossed around because they thought he was clever.
    5.It made Nananka feel happy because she had some to play with her.
    6.I would feel sad and furious because it is not a good word.

  5. 1) Nannanka felt upset when Stevie was called her a witch,bullying her.
    2)In the end Nannanka had Amy,Lenny,Jill and Bill as her friends because then they knew that Stevie was bullying Nannanka.
    3) If somebody called me a witch then I would tell then to join in a game I’m playing and tell that person to stop calling me a witch. :) ;) :D :P

    • 4)Amy,Lenny,Jill and Bill thought that what Stevei said,”If you say Nananka 3 times your dead.
      5)The actions of Amy,Lenny,Jill and Bill made Nananka upset and left out.

  6. 1.I think she was anxious,left out and sad
    2.Sharon was feeling sorry for and when she asked nananka felt a bit happy.
    3.Steve new she was not a witch but he acted
    4.happy because they believed him and they thought they will be dead
    5.I think she would feel unhappy because they were being mean to her

  7. 1) Nannanka felt nervous when she saw Steive and his friends on the swing because Nannanka didn’t have any friends.
    2) Sharon wanted to ask Nannanka her name because she wanted to become friends and Nannanka felt very brave.
    3) Steive behaved very annoying to Nannanka and he called her a witch.

  8. 1.I think nananka was feeling left out and anxious when she didn’t get to play on the swing.
    2.i think that Sharon came up to her to make friends with her.the actions made her feel exited because she wants to make new friends.

  9. 1.I think she feels anxious left out
    2. Nananka might have feeled surprised because Sharon played with her
    3. Nananka might of feeled angry because strive was hurting her.
    4.every one believed Stieve because Nananka is a wicked wich.
    5.Angary and upset because I am not a wich

  10. I think Nanaka was feeling nervous because there was no one she didn’t no any one.Sharon went over to Nanaka because Sharon thought she was feeling left out.Nanaka

  11. 1)Nananka was feeling nervous because she wanted to play but they were being mean and the boy said Nananka is a such name.

    2)Sharon went over to Nananka because she wanted to know if her name is a wich name and she feeled happy

    Priya and sami

  12. 1. I think nananka was feeling shy because she met them the first time.
    2.she was feeling nervous because she is speaking to a stranger.

  13. 1)Nanaka was feeling shy because she didn’t know if she should join in or watch them play altogether.
    2)When Sharon went over Nanaka probably felt special because somebody kindly came over to her.
    3)Steve made Nanaka feel left out.

  14. I think Nananka is feeling sad because the children are not playing with her and the children are making fun of her. I think Nananka is feeling proud because Sharon is being nice and kind.

  15. I think nananka is feeling really sad and unhappy to find no one is wanting to play with her so she is left out.
    She might feel happy to have a friend well almost.

  16. 1.Nannanka was feeling nervous when she went to the park because she didn’t know the children.

    2.I think that Nannanka felt happy because she was talking to her.

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