Year 4 v Manor Park

Broad Heath v Manor Park    16th March 2015

Score 0 – 2   Team:Bukumi,Anton,Omio,Zade,Haris Iqbal,Weli & Osmaan (c)

Year 4 played their second match in a week,this time a home game against Manor Park.The team was unchanged and had good support from fellow pupils and parents.

Manor Park kicked off  but some good tackling and marking meant Broad Heath were able to push forward and apply lots of pressure on the Manor Park defence.Both teams were intent on attacking and Osmaan was a particular threat with the ball at his feet,well supported by Weli,Zade and Haris in showing their dribbling skills.Bukumi was his usual solid self in goal with Anton and Omio defending the goal and stopping any attacks Manor Park could put together.

The first half ended 0-0 and the 2nd half was much the same until a Manor Park player tried a long shot which bobbled over Bukumi’s dive and rolled into the net.Broad Heath went looking for the equaliser but Manor Park scored a second just before the end leaving the full time score 2 – 0 to the visitors.

Man of the Match Osmaan.IMG_0303

Challenge; Which 8 teams are in the quarter finals of the Champions League and who do you think will win this competition and Why?


2 thoughts on “Year 4 v Manor Park

  1. Teams who are in the champions league Quarter final
    Atletico madrid Spain

    Last QF 2013/2014 Barcelona 1-2 won
    QF record
    W4 L2
    Top scorer Mario Manzudic 5 goals
    FC Barcelona Spain

    Last QF 2013/2014 Atletico Madrid 2-1 lost
    QF record
    W13 L3
    Top scorer Lionel Messi 8 goals
    Fc Bayern Munchien Germany

    Last QF Manchester United 4-2 won
    QF record
    W16 L9
    Top scorer Thomas Muller 5 goals

    Last QF 2012/2013 Bayern Munchien 0-4 lost
    QF record
    W10 L5
    Top scorer Carlos Tevez 6 goals
    AS Monaco FC France

    Last QF 2003/2004 Real Madrid 5-5 won on away goals
    QF record W2 L1
    Top scorer seven players 1 goals
    Paris Saint Germain France

    Last QF 2013 /2014 Chelsea 3-3 lost on away goals
    QF record W1 L2
    Top scorer Edison Cavani six goals
    Real Madrid Spain

    Last QF Borussia Dortmound 3-2 won
    QF record W24 L6
    Top scorer Cristano Ronaldo eight goals
    Fc Porto Portugal

    Last QF 2008/2009 Manchester United 2-3 lost
    QF record W2 L4
    Top scorer Jackson Martinez and Yanchie Brahimi 5 goals
    I predict Fc Barcelona are going to win because Messi showed great skill in every match and creates chances not only for him but other players and their defence is good with tap different mix of players and helping Messi in the front is Suarez and Neymar.In their midfield they have got Inestia and Xavi which is strong and Rackitic.Also I think Bayern Munchien is going to win because they have the polish an Lewandoski up front and Muller is helping as well with Ribery and Robben up the wings.Then they have Dante Benatia and Xavi Alonso helping in defence with Neuer in goal nobody is going to beat him.I also think Real Madrid but I think they are going to get slienced by Barcelona.

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