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  1. thank you to miss sharma miss Ahmed miss tarn and miss coton

    we had a great time thank’s to all the teachers in year 4.
    we learnt things along the way such as the memery stone’s.
    The jorney was fantastic.

  2. I loved it.I really enjoyed it when we got to play because it was fun when we covered Anton.It was exiting.we had a few people that got hurt but after all we really enjoyed it.☺☺☺

  3. I loved it . We went to the memorial park becsuse we work so hard for our team. And i engjoyed playing on the lines where yu try to hang on . ⛳⚽ miss tarn , miss ahmed and mrs cotten and mrs sharmer both of the tear 4 s are happy that we went to the park.

      • I enjoyed war memorial park because there is lots of information there was poppys to remember which people died.we saw the cherry tree. We play in the play ground it was fun.we had our panic then we had ice cream. It is a great place to go to the park.we walk around the white tower we saw writing on it.

  4. As you know, year 4 has been going to see the memorial park this week.During our time there, we have been lucky enough to see a majestic monuments that has been built after the war time.Although we did not see much but have took selfies with some places that makes remember people who unfortunately passed away.To add up up, we came to visit some of the places to play and we had lots of fun there and we noticed the park is a colossal place and its great if you want to explore.Although there was a little rain,we did not let this spoil our trip and not after all the fun we had.Overall, the trip was great fun we learnt lots from it and it took us a long time to get there we used two buses the first bus took us to the city center and the second bus,which we had to wait ages for it to come took us to a place nearby the memorial park the rest we had to walk.


  5. I really enjoyed our trip to War Memorial Park. It was amazing but the beginning was not too good. First, we took three buses to Memorial Park and we were all exhausted from waiting at a numerous amount of bus stops. Finally we reached the park but it started to rain. Fortunately it soon stopped so we decided to look at some memory stones. We also saw lots of trees as well as the white tower which is surrounded by many messages from soldiers

  6. As 4A have been considerate and kind toward one another,4A had been rewarded to go to the War Memorial Park.
    I was thrilled about how much fun I had when I was in War Memorial park!I enjoyed looking at the messeages by soilders and Winston Churchill and what they mean.Some of the messages we’re we sacrificed our lives to keep Britain safe and sound.At 1925, the White Tower was starting to be built and was finished at 1927 and has been never changed since to that day because it is a memory to all the people who died in World War One (1914 -1918) and the World War Two (1939 – 1945).

    I enjoyed going on the buses and looking at when the buses came because this is what I will do in the future .After a long wait for the 21 bus the bus came as we arrived at War Memorial park I was exuberant that everyone enjoyed playing cricket and football whilst gobbling our scrumptious ice-creams , ice lollies and slushes.Furthermore, we saw memory stones that showed us who died in the World War and when they died.Although, we had to be quiet, we looked some fascinating birds and the information about the birds.The birds get visited by vets every two years or when the birds become ill.Birds are given seeds in the afternoon to eat but sometimes die because of their old age.The birds are safe and will not get eaten by other animals and the birds come from many different places including Africa and Europe.

  7. Firstly, we were making our way to the bus stop to wait for the bus to come(10 minutes!!).After that journey we were starting to walk to the war memorial park,we saw the wonderful white tower unfortunately we didn’t go in there because it was only opened on special Sunday’s…

  8. During the trip, we saw memory stones which had peoples name on them.We also saw the White tower. I had lots of fun in memorial park. We played in the sand pit. We all looked a some cherry trees and we also looked at the poopy’s.We had our picnic. We also had ice creams from the ice cream van.We went to the bird area and we saw some beautiful birds.I enjoyed going in the sand pit.After a long journey we arrived back to school and had some ice lollies on the field and played cricket.

  9. During War Memorial Park we were looking at lovely birds
    We was playing in sand pits and we had lovely picnic
    We saw stones for people who died during war
    We had lots of ice cream children had more ice cream than teachers
    After when we finish playing in War Memorial Park we wen to catch busses to get back to school. When we got back to school we were playing cricket 4A vs 4T
    4T won 4A then we went back to class.

  10. It was so much fun in the war memorial park because it has the White tower and it had the Poppy’s to remember which people died during the first and second world war. we played in the sand pit for half an hour we enjoyed playing at the park .Then we saw birds in the cage and we saw lots of birds even all the birds were different . We ate our lunch after playing for a long time, after we ate our lunch we went to thr ice cream van.

  11. During the trip to memorial park,we visited the White tower which had the dates of the first and Second World War which were 1914-1918 1939-1945.As we walked further on,we saw some meseges left from the old primeminister winston Churchill. As a class we saw the memory stones to remember the people who have died in the war. On special days soldiers would have come to represent the Poppy’s .After eating our lunch we had some ice cream to enjoy our day as well as the sand pit.

  12. We had good time and there was sand pit’s ,there was birds,there was memory
    Stone’s,cherry trees ,we played cricket and football.

  13. It was great fun but first,we needed a bus. I enjoyed caching buses.

    When we arrived at the park we saw memory stones for people who died in world war 1 and 2? The dates of these wars where 1914-1918 1939-1945.When we whent in the park their wher lots of different trees ther were like 10.

  14. First we waited at the bus stop with lots of excitment in me for are ride for the bus. After going on the bus we went on rid all the way to city centre in the middle of city centre. We then waited for the next bus to take us to war memorial park. We walked to the park and went to are first place the tower were we read all the message which were in the past and found out that the tower was there since the world war 1 and 2. Then we went to a place which were from all around the world.

    • Firstly, we had waited at the bus stop with lots of excitement to go to war memorial park. After going on to the bus, soon we were in the middle of city centre. Then we waited at the bus stop for our next ride to go to war memorial park. When we reached to the park, the first destination was at the tower where we read all the messages which were written in the past times about the people who died in first and Second World War. The tower was created during the World War 1 and 2. After the tower we went to a place where we saw lots of different kinds of birds (came from all around the world). After that we went to the play area which was so amusing to us, and then we decided to play cricket and football. Lastly we had our lunch and had our dessert of ice-cream. :)

  15. I loved the trip it was best all the colourful birds it was beautiful I saw a
    cherry trees it was colourful park with ull different memory stones eventhough I lost my bag but evryone we’re cind and shear with me.

  16. Our journey was a good time because we had a fun time there playing lots of different activities such as football and the sand pit area.When we got back we had Jubbly’s.After finishing that we decided to have a cricket match however we lost because we never ran to the wicket on the other side as many times as we could do.We looked at the grave stones which showed us the people who past away,next to it had Poppy’s to show people care about them.We got to see the White tower which showed the timed when people past away,this showed the people came to show there respects inside there.
    Dylan and Jay.

  17. The start of the trip we had to wait for a ride which was a local bus we all had to take 2 buses to get to memorial park. When we got to memorial park we saw memory rocks on some trees and told us some of the names of the people fought in the war.

  18. I loved the vist to memorial park I saw lots of thing which in the world war 1 and 2 such as memory stones , the White tower and many more. My favourite part was when I played football with my friends and had my lunch together .

  19. At the Memorial park we saw the memory stones, birds in cages, the White tower
    and the people’s messages around the tower and we got ice cream to cool us down. After we ate lunch we played in the park for a few hours.
    I think it was a good overall a good trip

  20. I loved visiting war memorial park as we got to learn lots about the World War I and the World War II. Apart from that, we enjoyed eating ice cream and ice lollies, and also playing sports such as football and cricket.

  21. I have really had so much fun in War Memorial park. I was really excited during our journey. We also got to know interesting facts about the War. Before I didn’t know when War Memorial park was made but now I do know. War Memorial park was made in 1927. There were cherry trees in Memorial park which we got to see. My highlight of the day was when we got to play in the sandpit and have our delicious picnic. Furthermore, I enjoyed the day. Thank you Miss Ahmed,Miss Tarn,Mrs Sharma and Mrs Cotton for planning this lovely summer trip. A big thank you to Mrs Frankish for letting us go. We really had a great day.

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