Year 4 – Who lives there?

Using the image in your classroom, create an interesting and descriptive piece of writing about who could live in the house.

Bronze – Describe who might live in the house with reasons.

Silver – Describe who might live in the house using extended sentences

Gold – Use creative vocabulary in an explanation of who you think lives in the house.


26 thoughts on “Year 4 – Who lives there?

  1. In the house I think lives a old creepy, grumpy, dangerous man. He Is as tall as tree,he has as a crooked back and smells like a rotten egg which has been rottening for centuries. He never smiles at anyone because he looks terrifying.His face is as ugly as a witch! He has a humongous nose with a scab on his cheek. His eyes are green and terrifying like a monster. The old man wears a big black wripped vest and trousers, he looks like he has never had a bath. Whenever someone goes to his house mysteriously they never return! So beware before you ever go near the old man’s house.

  2. In the lumpy and quirky house the creepy ghost who used to be very nice but know he is not kind on his house the was fire all over it so he can scare everyone and there are beautiful trees but know they have fire all over it.His windows are crashed and his grass is long and old. It’s foggy everywhere.The door is always is left open.There is blood marks everywhere.His stones are dirtier then a frogs burp. He is untidy.

  3. In the unsafe house lived a poor man with his wive which had a dead full issue. He begged for money in the streets. No one gave him money and he even had a child ,who was starving to death. His house was colossal, immense but had one problem which was haunted. The floor was stained with marks that were as red as blood. The house was quirky and creepy…

    There was something mysterious about this house. Every night there was a whispering voice .The poor man was frightened and could not afford a new home. Meanwhile the weather was chilling cold whilst there was no good windows and doors. There was no radiators so they stay warm.

  4. In the wooden and rusty house lived a ancient farmer with his misterus wife.
    The next morning the farmer’s wife put on her black cloths and put on her big hat made from a black bird. And the hat was as bigger then her head! And they set Off
    to the shop and bort a bunch of red Roses . Then thay set of to the devistating Funeral home .When the farmer stept out of the car he had to get change in to the sute that was importante to the person who has died.
    Nicole,momina ,Bailey-jo

  5. Gold

    In the ancient,wooden,creaky house lived an poor old man.He looked like a dangerous person! When people went inside his house,they would never come back out! No-one ever trusted him. This terrifying man used to wear a black coat which dragged on the floor. He wore a balaclava which made him look like a thief. This person says he wore it because he felt cold.I don’t believe this because there was a lump at the top which looked like a lump of stolen money. Once I walking past his house and the only thing I could here was him counting money over and over several times so I ran like a cheetah to my friends house and told her family don’t go nearby hat house I was talking about ages ago! I know I said he was nice but just now I could hear him counting the money HE STOLE so that’s why I came to tell. So just STAY AWAY!
    In the morning I met a lady and I said don’t go near that man and she responded Are you talking about my husband young lady!

  6. Inside a mysterious and dangerous house,lives a frightening and hideous ancient man,who is a shoplifter.Because he was very old and poor, he couldn’t afford a proper house.When people visit his house,the people that visit are petrified.He is very unordinary as well as vile.This terrible man has a job which is a farmer.
    Judging of the old mans look I can tell that he us really cruel.One time, he was wearing a balaclava on his head which is evidence he is a shop lifter.This old man is very devilish.As people pass by his house,they try to pass by it quickly because it’s haunted story.
    By zeid and Daniel

  7. Gold challenge
    1.A creative person would live in such a beautiful stripy house.
    2.A caring person would live in there.
    3.A generous person could stay there.
    4.a rich police man or police woman would live in an incredible place.
    5.a glorious unique person would live there happily.
    6.A farmer might live there because they live in dirty places and big places s o they have a big garden to look after his animal so they don’t die.
    7. A old woman might live there because they live in old houses because it is cheaper.
    8.A teenager might live there because he is grow up to live in a huge massive house.
    9.a teacher might live in a enormous house because she works to have money to live in her own with her family.

  8. In the old and small house lived A grumpy old farmer.
    One night the farmer came out of his small house when it was midnight and he was wearing a damp coat and rinkly boots.

  9. In a terrifying house there was a ancient farmer with his beautiful wife when everybody was asleep the farmer and his wife went down the creepy stairs as they were walking through the bumpy path they saw a fire making its way to there house.

  10. In a wooden plain house at 12pm the spooky farmer with his spooky wife went down the squeaky stairs and the lady was wearing a big blue dress with mud all over it with blond snapped hair with a fat face with mud and next to her stud a old man with a black fat hat witch was as big as her fat face and Her white fat hair and some dark blue gens and a red fat jumper the brown shoes and a big hat
    Witch was as big as her fat muddy face and she had red shoes witch was as the man lether shoes were as muddy as a pig rolling in some mud and the lady’s hair was as scruffy as a dust bin standing next to her was a man as tall as a Police man and his hair was as spiky as a headjog

  11. We think a crooked old woman lives in the dull and gloomy house with her old fragile husband.they looked like shrivelled prunes they were full of hate,children throw rocks at the house but when they hear you there’s nowhere to run and you never see the light of day because they lock you in a wet,dirty,smelly dungeon with vicious biting rats but if you escape and leave something behind they take it and dispose of Them and burn them in there heater.these evil people always know what you do and know were you live so beware if you enter ice with shoot up you gentle spine.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  12. The scrawny pathway led up to the horrifying house believed to be haunted.The sound of the witch cackling echoed through the thick wood which was at least a century old! Below the house , layed the dead plants which caused the house to have a foul stench.

    By Osmaan, Mia and Shabnam.

  13. We think the house is haunted because nobody lives their and the lights are switched off, we think that’s there a fire because there’s smoke. The house looks dull because theirs no colour.
    By Gautam,Hanaan,lowesha.

  14. From looking at this image,I can see a dull background and naked trees which are standing beside the spooky,spine chilling house.I can also see a long propeller which gives electricity to the rusty old house.Furthermore I think next to the house
    there might be a little attic or a shelter for animals. Besides there is a massive tank which maybe for oil or water which is made out of hard poor quality steel.I predict that there is one person opening the creepy door.

    By baldeep,omio,zaid and mihir.

  15. This house is made out of dusty wooden planks which smells.At the top of the house there is a propeller which takes the disgusting smell away.I can see that there are broken,brown trees which only leaves the bark of the tree.

  16. From looking at this image, I can see a haunted house made out of grotty wood. I predict that the house is a very dull colour.straight away I can see a tank full of water.

    From nana Linda ahlam

  17. Bronze
    I predict in the house lives an hideous woman because the house looks eerie and dusty.My opinion is the person that lives in the house is poor because the house is made out of old wood not brick.
    I infer the person that lives in the wooden house is a farmer because there are plants and trees with no leafs that means he doesn’t care about his plants.
    Syed,Madara and zade

  18. I predict that old people might live in this house because it look’s very dusty and very old.From looking at this picture I think this house is haunted and I think there is a scary ghosts which might live there.I can see a windmill trying to blow the smoke away from doll and rusty house.
    From:Isra,Tiya and Alishba.

  19. I predict several old people living in poverty live in that un-sturdy house ,sitting down with no food at all. In the background I can see….. To be continued.

  20. Silver
    I predict that evil people live in this dark gloomy house.
    I predict that a old scientist might live in this house because it a very dull smoky house.
    I Infer that it is old dark and gloomy terrfing

  21. In the lumpy,querky and a unsafe house lives a old and smelly farmer and his lazy wife.the old man went down to the jet black and creapy kitchen to make a cup of he walked towards the kettle some think was sitting wright next to it. IT WAS A BEAST!!!.the beast looked colossal,bumpy,fat and wrinkly the man ran up stairs and telled his wife there is a beast.his wife came down stairs but the beast wasn’t there,the beast was out side ON FIRE and in a flash the whole city was covered in his wife ran up stairs and told the man the “the
    mysterious,baggy and colossal beast is dead”.but the whole city needed lots of recovery.

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